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Mattius Marville


Posted this on my alts account already, so thought i'd repost on the right one, for better ease of replies.


He’d been a very odd boy straight from the day he was born. His parents had been more than a little concerned when they’d found their three year old cutting the heads off his sisters dolls. But his father had laughed it off as the natural aggression of boys. His mother hadn’t been so sure.
She would be proved right over the next ten years, Eric’s behavior becoming more and more disturbing with each passing season.

At first it was the simple ‘disappearances’ of multiple neighborhood pets. Which were later found in at the bottom of their garden, behind the greenhouse, mutilated and dead. When questioned about the corpses, Eric had said he’d wanted to see how they sounded when they cried.

A year or so later, there was an incident, in a bathroom at school, with a girl, who was, at the time, the object of Eric’s affections, even if she had no interest in dating the ‘creepy weirdo’, whatsoever. That didn’t stop him, though, from cornering her in the girls bathroom and demanding she kiss him, with tongue, before he let her go. She would like it if she tried it. She’d realize how great they could be together.
She didn’t of course, and he was caught, by a duo of girls entering the bathroom at break-time.
The girls parents had been outraged and had demanded his expulsion. The dean, though, had tried to placate them, while believing the boy should be given a second chance. So Eric remained at the school, with strict instructions to stay away from Jessica.

Which he did from that point on, yet it didn’t stop him plotting his revenge and he was finally kicked out of the school after luring her, one night, with a text from her friends cloned phone, to the football field after hours. He raped her violently and savagely, over several hours, forcing her to tell him that she loved in in the process before leaving her bloody and broken body where it lay.
The football coach found her the next day, muttering ‘i love you’ to herself, over and over again. She was never the same after that.

And neither was he when the judge sent him to a group home for troubled youths. His parents didn’t fight the move. Something changed in him that day. Whatever had been broken and twisted inside of him before, became dark, and even more twisted and there were further incidents of a sexual nature, with a few of the boys in the home, before he was separated, housed in his own room, for the safety of himself, and the other boys.

But the home couldn’t keep him past the age of eighteen so upon his eighteenth birthday he was pushed out of the front door, with all his worldly belongs in a small box.
He of course, went home. Or rather, to the home that he’d once known, had grown up in. His parents had been horrified to see him and he’d been told, by his father, in no uncertain terms that he was no longer welcome at the house.

With nowhere to go, it hadn’t been long before he’d found himself sleeping rough, alongside hobos and drug addicts, beneath the freeway. Soon enough he’d started earning himself some cash, by dealing pills and powder to the many coked out fiends haunting the area. This in turn led him into mixing with a few unsavory types and they helped him get on his feet, in return for him utilizing his psychotic savagery in their name.

Within six months, he had earned himself, not only a large amount of cash, enough to go wherever he wanted, but also a dark reputation, and the honorable nickname of ‘Sick Ric’.

He had plans, though, and the night he left town, deciding to move on to pastures new, his parents house went up in flames, with both his father and his mother inside.
The autopsies of both bodies would reveal horrifying facts about the hours before their deaths.

The father, had been restrained while naked, bound at the wrists and the ankles. So had his mother. Both had been viciously and savagely anally raped, before his father had been stabbed 52 times in the face, chest and arms. His mothers throat had been cut.
The only DNA found at the scene, had been that of their 70 year old next door neighbor. He’d screamed and shouted that he’d been set up, of course, when they arrested him but his story about a masked man breaking into his house at night to jack him off at knife-point was laughed out of court.
He died still protesting his innocence. Case Closed.

Now Eric has come to Hathian. His plans? Who knows.


((If anyone fancies a scene, or to start up a story with this character, feel free to post at him inworld. Not all scenes will spiral into violence and all that jazz, though depending on what happens, that is of course, entirely possible too.

Or ya can poke him on Twitter. His IC sister was away at Uni when his parents were killed, so i may, in the future, look around for someone to fill the role, if he takes off.
I am keeping an eye out for an IC hooker for him to visit regularly, to build up a weird, fucked up kind of friendship with. (Would like a regular player for this, though i don't want anyone making this role their main source of RP since i am on my alt daily too)

But be warned..this character is not nice. He’s not always polite, doesn’t give two shits for the way society deems that he should conduct himself. He ‘aint gonna be the perfect boyfriend, or the one to cuddle you after a bad day.

I’ll be reaching out to you, though, to guage interest in future storylines, or for a random scene on sim. Feel free to ask questions, or give thoughts here. I’d like to hear them.


**Also, i am going to be looking into breaking into houses, to either rob, snoop or do some weird shit. So anyone who's up for having their place being broken into, having stuff stolen from, trashed etc say 'HELL YAH'.
And if you're up for having small items stolen from your business, ie food, drink etc let me know here, so we can keep the rp fluid and ongoing. Thankyou in advance.))

June 11, 2020 at 6:28 am
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