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I will use this thread as a log to share what builds I have done in Hathian, my design thinking, and thoughts on decor.

Though Crack Den has been through a few major rebuilds, the current edition was mostly completed in 2011. Since then, a few buildings have been updated along the way... but for the most part, we're looking at pre-mesh era design. I don't consider myself a modeler, but my strengths do lie in texturing - that feeling of sticky humidity and grimy filth is something I want every player feeling as they cam around the sim.

In this next edition of the Crack Den rebuild, my intention is to refresh each business and filler builds. As I do it, these are the things I'm keeping in mind:

Optimized for our traffic:

  • I will be auditing all scripted objects on sim to ensure their memory usage is as minimal as possible; I've already returned the broken bus benches as those seemed to have been unnecessarily resource intensive for mostly doing nothing. The next to move out will be vehicle permits (i'll put them in D8) to reduce as much as possible from the main RP sim.
  • Those pretty mesh items are often jammed packed with 1024x1024 high res textures... even down to fine details like rivets and screws that no one will legitimately notice. I am going to be standardizing decor across all builds as much as possible; just enough variety to feel different but they repurpose the same textures.
  • Complex avatars ... since this is something that can be managed viewer side, i'll look into putting some quick tips and guides for users on how to optimize their client for high traffic sims.
  • For avatars with too many scripted attachments ... those can and will be identified in a new automated system and warn accordingly.

Decor and furnishing:

  • As new builds are being placed, they are often still lacking finishing touches ... so I ask that no one place any items unless they get clearance from me over the next few weeks. I am in the process of continuing to identify and texture decor that can be reused with every build I do.
  • I ask leads of businesses to propose their decor and what they would like to put out in this thread. It will give me a chance to identify commonality and any glaring required decor that I have missed.
  • I will publish new guidelines and prim count for business leads soon. I want leads to be able to express some personality and most importantly, have the prim allowance for seasonal and event-based decor. I am working on things like editable posters, etc.
  • After discussing with Blue and Peri, I have decided to ask Loz to help support the community with decor for large events. Just reach out to her to coordinate.
  • I've never been a fan of NPC avatars being placed on sim - it gives the false impression of presence and just a personal pet peeve. I'm working with leads now to have those removed.

Ambiance is everything:

  • Weather will continue to reflect on the website and on the all-new Story HUD. I also have new clever ways where it will be narrated in various parts of the sim. The in-world weather effects will be reserved for special story arc events.
  • The lush greenery of the South will creep through Hathian and the surrounding sims as I continue to work. The fine balance between concrete and nature will be maintained.
  • `

  • City decor like fire hydrants, overhangs, street lamps, dumpsters, etc. will all be updated and custom.
  • While the overall dreary colors of brick, concrete, and grunge will remain, I do intend on bringing some vibrancy to overhangs and window shutters you'll find in Louisiana.

New Official Businesses and Themed Rentals:

  • I am open to introducing more ideas here. New official businesses would have more generic type roles and would address major categories of businesses we don't have in Hathian.
  • Themed rentals is a concept I really liked in Dead End City .. it was basically like an official business, but usually smaller but furnished with the core items. After a proposal was approved, for a minor weekly charge, a player could "own" the business and place additional decor to run it. The rent was mostly designed to acknowledge a commitment .. if they don't pay and went awol, it would be our way of indicating it was up again for someone else.
  • Oh and also, as I build each, I am completely refreshing the branding for it ... the logo, posters, signage, etc.

Anyways, feel free to respond to anything build related in this thread. I will also be adding posts here as I complete builds for players to provide feedback.

Thank you for being patient with me as I get through this!

April 26, 2020 at 12:49 pm
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April 27, 2020 at 6:40 am
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April 27, 2020 at 6:50 pm
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April 28, 2020 at 10:30 am
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