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The following is a reproduction of the article printed on the Observer's morning edition for the 26th April 2022, supplemented by a few other links.

HPD's Finest

Breaking News:

Protest aims Achieved! Hathian PD to be defunded! What's your reaction?

Interviewed: Mayor Bobby Boxer
Interviewer: GBTL - Daiyu Tang
Date: 25/04/2022

Readers, breaking news today straight from mouth of our elected Mayor Bobby Boxer. It’s hot news and you’re all going to have an angle on this…

Statement from the Office of Mayor Bobby Boxer

“Recently, I, your caring Mayor Bobby Boxer spoke to you, my dear voters. I made my stance clear about the Hathian Police Department´s hard-handed tactics against mostly peaceful protesters. I told the HPD leadership that I would not have them use their batons in any upcoming elections.

Imagine my frustration and anger on behalf of you, my loyal voters, when despite my recommendations and requirements, the HPD refused to take the steps I asked for. Instead, HPD command has no respect for my words nor any will to change their ruthless tactics! Are we living in some third world country rather than in our great democratic nation? It sure feels like it with the current HPD leadership!

I have been reliably informed that instead of listening to me the they have started a Police Union! The Chairwoman is some Corporal King who, according to information my staff gathered, had her part in escalating the last protest! Talk about self-serving!

So, what can Bobby Boxer do for you? Well, enough is enough! I will have to make a clear point! This point is not only for the HPD command but is for you my trusty voters! I will CUT the HPD funds in the next 48 hours! Defund the police is no longer a motto! IT IS HAPPENING – NOW!”

Initial thoughts from GBTL

So reader, you’ve seen it here first with the Observer that the Mayor, after what he terms ‘fruitless’ discussions with HPD has decided to defund them! No matter what side of that debate you are on, this is the largest shakeup of the HPD’s financial arrangements in many years… if Mayor Boxer can carry through on it.

What of the Police Union? I don’t know about you, but some would say the Police are a gang anyway, does a Union just give them more legitimacy to do things outside the will of the people? Who knows, but one to watch and the Observer with GBTL will be along for the ride.

Look out for our analysis to be carried once we get to hear from the HPD on their side to this. What’s next for Hathian? Where should all this tax revenue be spent? How will your lives be improved by the cessation of funding for the HPD, or will this be a decision regretted? Who knows, but this is going to be one hell of a ride and the Observer with GBTL will be along every step.

Also be sure to check out senior reporter Joanne Steel's insightful thoughts into the state of HPD prior to this announcement. Interviewing a range of officers, her article surely supports the decision of Mayor Boxer today? Reform, Reconstitute and only then Re-fund the Police!

A Look Inside HPD by Joanne Steel

GBTL will be in the Observer Offices, ready for your thoughts, tips, and insight. If you're a business owner, currently serving officer, or Citizen with a view, come and see us and give us your views. Also, watch out for the exclusive interview with Einar Rolfson-Ragnivard, a Citizen who has declared himself on opposition to Mayor Boxer and keen to stand against him at the next election. If you have any tips or research on Mr. Roflson, please do drop them to GBTL at her Observer e-mail...

April 25, 2022 at 11:58 pm
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