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Title: GBTL x Ahmose in a barrel
Journalist: Girl Behind the Lens - Daiyu Tang
Location: HPD Jail Cells (As a visitor - yay!)
Time: 10/08/2022

((Posted to CD Forums due to the Observer backend having collapsed into pieces prohibiting new content))


Well... I went to the cells in HPD...

As a visitor readers... relax. GBTL has not been naughty recently and besides from an unfortunate event with a curtain has been on her best behaviour around HPD recently. As you may have seen from my posts they have been busy delivering street justice to a few needy souls and while I'm sure the problems and various issues I have reported on continue and deserve further investigation, right now I'm happy that sometimes fate falls fairly on the deserving.

Anyway, why was I a visitor to HPD's cells? Well, I'd heard that someone who has been making something of a name around town, one Ahmose Hassan, was in the cell, possibly because they had shot at, or shot a cop. Since prisoners are allowed visitors and since I could pass as a visitor, as I am nice most of the time, I was allowed down. It's not a nice walk down those stairs, especially passing the holding cell on the way down. Doubt anyone innocent has good memories there. Anyway, I was expecting to conduct an interview, but what did I find? A shit-show readers, a shit-show. Without my camera, phone and the rest I was also a bit nervous of where I was and who might popup, but on the basis I am writing this, if you were reading this hoping to see me incarcerated, you'll be let down, at least this time. So anyway, onwards...

HPD and mixed cells

I hope dear reader that you don't think it's appropriate that men and women share cells in HPD? Especially when there aren't enough cots in each cell and when other cells are free. Yet this is what appears to happen. On my visit to see Ahmose I observed that not only was in the the cell, but MD Heinrich and some women, later identified to be as Athena were all sharing one cell. Despite two others being vacant.

So yes, that's what I walked into, a fight. Here is my view, ring-side mind you, of how Ahmose got a kicking and how Hein and Athena took a shower...

The Fight

I arrived as Hein was appearing to play with his dick. At the time I didn't know, but piecing it together afterwards... Christ. Now... I know what you're thinking, this is going to be some XXX Shop paid for article. No. It's not... But I will say, I had to GOOGLE what the hell was up with his dick and thanks to Google, I now know what a Jacob's Ladder is. Readers be warned, that's an NSFW search term and I hope the boss here doesn't check my browsing history.

Why am I mentioning this? Because apparently HPD need to do better at removing offensive weapons from prisoners (more on this later as well regarding Ahmose) as Hein appeared able to detach some of said... dick jewellery (is that the right terminology?) and use a little metal bar as some kind of punching or stabbing device. Very inventive, top marks for gross out factor, but I suspect that HPD will be wise to this now and Hein's privates are in trouble next time (if?) he is booked again. Careful with those family jewels now Hein.

So, armed with dick jewels Hein went in first.

Heinrich: "You keep asking for me to end it when you brought it on brother. You so scared of looking like a bitch that you can't end what you start?"

Clearly I'd joined the proceedings after the start of whatever had upset Hein. I caught him throwing a fake jab with one hand, followed by the other hand containing the small sharp piece of metal going in hard. While Hein was starting to throw punches, the woman, Athena moved around in a predatory way. I don't know her well enough so I wasn't sure if she was on Ahmose's side or with Hein, or just on her own.

Ahmose clearly wasn't expecting Hein to have anything sharp on him and therefore while he appeared to block the fake jab, he was cut by the iece of metal.

Ahmose: "Ya finally found ya balls."

Again, HPD search tactics can be questioned here as Ahmose (as seen in the hastily taken picture) was wearing some kind of necklace which while not that chunky, did provide some metal to wrap around his hand. I suspect on his 'neck' visit, he'll have a harder time...

Heinrich: "Who's did you have to suck to be able to keep that brother? Was it Landon? It's always Landon. Or maybe Josh. Did he demand penance for you beating his ass? I was there. I saw it. Dude was unhinged."

Once Hein had said that, he charged, shoulder down and tried to knock Ahmose into the bars. This was followed by a revelation that Athena clearly was on the side of Hein as she proceeded to follow him in attacking Ahmose by trying to leap on the man's back.

Athena: "Gooo to sleeep, gooo to sleep Ahmose. It'll just be easier that way."

Now with Athena on his back and Hein in his face, it was starting to look a little one-sided, but Ahmose wasn't totally down and out yet. He tried to smash Athena's nose and kick Hein, but while he was able to draw blood, he was still being out-matched.


I laughed. I am sure you did reader? I mean, it was grotesquely violent, but the BK quote was a moment of comedy gold.

As Ahmose started to try and choke out Athena, despite the blows raining down on him, I really felt they'd had enough. Heinrich demanded that Athena was released. Ahmose started to use the weapon on her and if I was HPD watching the video-feed (or reading this article) I might be tempted to add more time to his sentence for possession of contraband and assaulting a fellow prisoner. But I don't make the rules...

Ahmose: "Back the hell off now Hein or I will break her neck!"

Turning to the fighters, I gave them the threat of Landon...

Daiyu Tang: "Stop it before they call in Terminator"

They didn't listen...

So Porkins slowly got his taser out, gave Ahmose the full whack and then once he was on the floor, decided to high pressure hose Athena (to wash the blood off clearly) and Hein. Gasping for air like fish, those two and the semi-conscious Ahmose swirled around the cell, with water splashing out onto my feet. At this point reader, I decided I wasn't paid to watch Porkins have fun, nor to get wet with disgusting water. That hose is no joke and I wouldn't wish it on people, but it is good crowd control.

Well readers, GBTL reporting from HPD. Scratch the interview, but maybe you wanted to read some violence? Who knows. I hope to be back to business reviews and an investigation onto a shady... dangerous individual or two in due course.

August 11, 2022 at 2:31 pm
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