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Thank you all for your input last month, I definitely learned some cool stuff! I also realized that people are mostly either a) into gangs and therefore already in a gang or b) not really into gangs and don't interact with them. It was interesting to hear from both sides, and why! The focus of this rearrangement was to try and restore the balance to CD, with good, solid interacting between gangs and civilians. So here are the changes, the website will be updated to reflect them soon.

1.The first choice of anyone wanting to make a gang is to look at the existing gangs and see if perhaps their talents might be better put to use in one of those. Creating your own gang will be a lot easier once you’ve had some experience in an existing gang.

2. A retiring gang boss can hand over the reigns to a second without requiring the new proposal, however the second must be in good standing with the community, and adhere to the high standards CD practices.

3. Soft Trials are being combined with Stage 1 and will continue with 3 members to start, but this is the area being changed the most. You can recruit at this stage, however you are limited to 5 members. If you reach 5, you must submit an official proposal. There is no time limit, but if you drop below 3 you will no longer be considered in soft trial.  There will be no more NCs. You must submit a proposal on the website HOWEVER it does not have to be fully complete, and will not be pushed to the forums until you are ready for Stage 2, at which time you can resubmit/rewrite.  Stage 1 gangs should not post roll call on the forums.

4. Stage 2 requires the acceptance of a completed proposal, 3-5 members to start. There is no limit on recruitment (this is new!). All members must be in good standing in CD, as per usual. Tags can be worn at this stage.

5.Stage 3 requires 7 people to move into. Turf is given out at this stage, as well as a feature on the webpage and an advert in the OOC area. You are also allowed 5 graffiti tags in Hathian proper. Gun running is also unlocked at this stage.

6.If at any time your numbers fall, you could be dropped back a stage. This is at the discretion of admins, so please reach out when you are experiencing trouble.

**Please continue to roll call your factions below as usual, as well as discuss the changes or ask for clarification if needed.

May 4, 2018 at 12:35 pm
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May 26, 2018 at 9:48 pm
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