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The Proposal/Feedback Phase (known as moving into Stage 2) is an important part of faction development and approval, so please read this over and ask questions, express what you like, give suggestions you have, advice on what may or may not work based on your experience, etc. Keep in mind that Admins do not need to be convinced to approve it, as a faction without potential wouldn't even be posted. Feedback means both support and giving what you see could help shape their faction story and place in the community!

Devil’s Own MC
By Juicebox1988 Resident

TYPE: Faction (motorcycle gang)

MEMBERS: LEAD-Juicebox1988 Resident (Jack Boyer) Ronan Lecker, (Owen Lock) certainjenesaisquoi (Lynch) scarlette.vemo (Lettie Diaz) Just Kroll (Flynn Jackson)

BACKGROUND: The Devil’s Own MC is a 1%’er MC originating from Laredo, Texas, and was founded in 1969 by Keith Blackburn. After returning from the gruesome and damaging Vietnam war, many veterans struggled with adapting back to a society that deemed them baby killers and war criminals. Spat on the moment they stepped off the planes and ships back home. The name Devil’s Own reflected the actions that many of the founding members had to perform while overseas, war was cruel and unforgiving, seeing the eyes of pain and suffering.

The MC started as an escape from the norms of life and the mundaneness of existing in a conformed society, wearing a suit and tie, going to church and paying taxes. Riding motorcycles to clear their minds of it all and leaving nothing but themselves and the open road. But nothing stays the same forever. Wild parties and free love turned into drugs, guns and violence. During the summer of 1975 multiple clashes with rival clubs would solidify the Devil’s Own MC into that 1%er lifestyle. Pushing meth and prostitution to fund the war that was brewing between the Devil’s Own MC and Raging Bastards MC that was trying to push territory into southern Texas.

With every passing year, every death from one side or the other, pushed the members further and further down into the lifestyle. Blood must be paid with blood, a never ending cycle that nearly destroyed the Devil’s Own MC in the early 1980s, causing them to retract and focus their attention to the surrounding counties around Laredo. Maintaining a low profile as they continued to push drugs, protection of local strip joints and running sex trafficking rings down into Mexico

After the death of Keith Blackburn in 1992, a new generation was coming into the fold, new veterans of a new war/conflict. These Desert Storm veterans were tired of playing it safe with small time jobs and light hustle. Bringing forth the expansion era. Devil’s Own MC would grow and expand north and west. Into Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah. Chapters started to spring up even in Nevada but clashed with a rival club down in Las Vegas. Keeping themselves up in the northernmost portion of Nevada’s high desert.

With every expansion came more violence and death. More drugs and guns. Members finding themselves on the other side of steel bars. The new National President Jim Halften was eager and ambitious and even into the 2000s would continue that expansion with eyes to the East. That gaze fell upon Hathian Louisiana… Jack Boyer, founding president of the Hathian chapter, was much like the founders before him. Marine corps veteran with multiple tours behind him over in the Middle East. Scarred from war, the MC life filled a void that he couldn’t fill in the mundane life.

He joined the Devil’s Own MC shortly after coming home in 2011, where Jack prospected, patched and served the MC loyally. It wasn’t until he met his ol lady Jenna. She changed his life within a glance of her eyes. Tossing aside that brotherhood in Laredo and hitting the road as a nomad. Traveling eastward until settling into Hathian Louisiana, where he received a phone call and the birth of the Devil’s Own Hathian charter began along with Owen Lock, Lynch and Lettie Diaz. The Demonic 4

UNIQUE: Currently we as an MC do not have an official or private front for a business. A proposal for Hathian Motors has been submitted, Many if not all MC members work at Hathian Motors as it is. The MC usually deals in stolen car parts, small time drug sales if supply is obtained. We also have been working protection for a couple Strippers and doing muscle type work for people who request their help. Their main money maker at the moment is MC Sweet Butts Magazine that is currently sold online and physical copy inside the XXX shop owned by Chong. Monthly fight nights with betting, drinking and reputation at stake held every month at the MC Compound. The main activity you'll find MC members is usually drinking and fist fighting with a couple bottles and a window involved.

FLAW: Flaws of the MC would be wild and unpredictable, one moment things would be laughing and enjoying a beer down at the local pub, the next it breaking out into an all out bar fight due to someone not showing respect. Flaw is the Outlaw mentality, getting them in trouble with authority figures (the police) and seeking any and all adrenaline inducing activities that could lead to death or bodily harm.

POTENTIAL ENEMY: The MC would seek get involved in small time drug deals that could potentially cause enemies with other fellow drug dealers, the MC seeks to disobey and resist authority types like the Hathian Police Department. The MC is neither good or bad so everyone is a potential enemy due to actions committed by the MC as they value the Club more than anyone else.

EXPERIENCE: From my past experiences, I’ve lead groups in Conan Exiles, going from a small clan to becoming high king, bringing assassination attempts, secret plots and a spy network into fold along with wars that clashed between rival gangs. Keeping the members engaged and having things to do IC. I’m a big believer that even the smallest task IC can drive someone far into their RP and that they some times just need to be pushed with a goal or adventure. I also was the Vice President of the Fallen MC in Las Almas (retired) I coordinated deals with Irish gun dealers to Russian importers. Ran drugs for the cartel while merging all these activities to the club members. Assigning each member with a role to play with each faction and job. Producing content not just for myself but those around me. My goal is to make those around me shine in their RP.

IDEAS: I plan to make the MC presence well known around the sim. Be it hanging out at the strip club, having MC runs around the Sims. To hosting parties and fight nights that are open to the public, allowing people who are interested to be exposed to opportunity to join as a hang around and then as a prospect.

OTHER: The MC would seek to mainly be a wild card on the sim, not seeking to be a dominating faction for territory or control but to live free and wild, not taking shit from anyone who tries to step in their path to an outlaw life style.

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