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Well yeah, so that's a semi arrogant title for a new kid to sashay in with ^^ But, I promise it's love of my character and her story speaking, rather than OOC self inflated ego. It's also a statement with an agenda; I roleplayed for many years in SL as a stripper and bachelor party escort with the stage name "Brickhouse", and I'm hoping to bring that into my play here with you! I also carry a nice following for my other passion -- SL Flickr Modeling & Photography -- and am hoping to encourage members of that following to come and play with us in CD, through photo posts there in my Flickr groups, which are coincidently, also named Brickhouse (Brickhouse Avatars and Brickhouse Elite). The Brickhouse Goddess has taken on a name for herself through that passion, and hopefully, that'll be the lure for my followers 😉

I'm very excited about the prospect of roleplay here... this is easily the best and most organized group of integrated-story roleplayers I've seen come out of SL from my observations (and this after 12 years of frustrated search for it), and I'm hoping to dive right in!

I plan to soon be a well known performer in the businesses of the RLD; I've already spoken with @chong-diabolito and @lady-dawson about roleplay and storyline possibilities while employed at the XXX Shop and the Rub N Tug respectively, and hope to soon speak with @bluebell-noel regarding employment and storylines at the Titty Twister (Realllly bummed I missed out on the Bohemian Burlesque Ball!)

I've been following alot of the forum talk regarding plots and ideas for storyline in the RLD businesses, relative crime, events, etc.... and though I haven't said much (I've found people sometimes get piqued if a new member seems like she comes on strong with ideas instead of listening and trying to blend, probably for good reason) I'm hoping to get involved with it alot!

To this end, I've been doing alot of photos and even faux ad posters in Flickr, relative to this; you may have seen some of them fly through the Crack Den Flickr groups of late, and you can also see them here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Glad to be here, and hope to be roleplaying with you all soon!

💋 Talena Constantine


July 23, 2020 at 5:42 am
Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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