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The Proposal/Feedback Phase is an important part of faction development and approval, so please read this over and ask questions, express what you like, give suggestions you have, advice on what may or may not work based on your experience, etc. Keep in mind that admins do not necessarily need to be convinced to approve it, as a faction without potential wouldn't even be posted. Feedback means both support and giving what you see could help shape their faction story and place in the community!


PROPOSAL BY: BusySalem Resident

TYPE: CD Gang/Cult

MEMBERS: BusySalem Resident, FrankieSloane Resident

BACKGROUND: The Haven is a gathering of liked minded individuals that involve all things spiritual. Voodoo, witchcraft, biblical, hindu .....the list goes on and on. These people are devoted to their craft whatever they choose it to be. Granted, the lure of dark rituals and valuable curses is something that casts rumors around Louisiana. Even pulling from other areas like Salem, Massachusetts, the dark swamps of the bayou in Laveau and the darkness that fell upon those of Long Island, New York in the small neighborhood of Amityville. The Coven welcomes those that are outcasts, lost, confused. Drawing them into their "family". Their Haven. The members of the Haven believe that they truly are from somewhere else. That they pull their "powers" from another realm. It is what they believe. They want to unravel chaos in the streets and yet pull from the power of it all as if they could actually drain people of their chaos.

UNIQUE: The Haven finds it's finances in the business of the Vudu Shoppe and further into darker things such as selling drugs, performing exorcisms, calling on demons, stealing and retrieving souls, rituals and of course the regular, theft, robbery, murder and so on. They have little care for the value of life of others that are not in their Haven. If you are not part of the Haven then you are not safe. The Haven can be light hearted and welcoming and can also be very dark. They can lure you in to save your life or cast a delusion into your mind through drugs that you have been possessed and have become a demon or worse. The Haven is meant to draw on the actual depths of Voodoo and what revolves around the old religions and how dark they can get. But offering a balance of light and dark because if only dark there is no real balance. You can find them from all over the places like Hathian, the backwaters, New York and more.

FLAW: The people of the Haven truly believe in their own powers. They believe they can become demons or pull forth the demons and use them to enter and ruin their enemies. They also believe that anything they do can be real. Which in turn is a falsity but if someone told them that they would find themselves on the wrong end of a very upset member. The people are usually mentally unstable which can lead to rash and illogical decisions within an instant.

POTENTIAL ENEMY: Vudu Shoppe, HPD, HGH and anyone else that wants to come out and play. Welcome all rp. From Hathian to the Backwaters all are welcome.

EXPERIENCE:I helped lead the faction the Hoppers for a while and I was a very active member of the Bones for nearly 2 years. I also have been running the Vudu shoppe for almost 2 years. I have also ran 2 real businesses in real life and they have ran quite well.

IDEAS:All are welcomed. Speak to them, have them in for a reading or a ritual, getting to know them through roleplay and more. Involvement should be inclusive and not exclusive.


June 19, 2024 at 7:29 am
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June 19, 2024 at 11:12 am
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