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Please give your feedback and suggestions for this business proposal (in a constructive manner!) for this proposer to review, respond to, and take into account should they go forward as the Lead! For more information on how proposals work: http://thecrackden.com/discuss/topic/group-and-business-proposals/




Stillwaters Asylum

By PaintMeWithWords Resident


BACKGROUND: While the name of the business seems deceptively peaceful the place will be anything but. Outwardly, the asylum will function as intended. This will also include the lower levels and one specific wing. This will be a place for public mental health to be treated or for the criminally insane to find refuge from otherwise being placed in a jail cell. Stillwaters can be a place for both types to be handled with the appropriate care. The upper floor and another specific wing will serve a much darker purpose. Athena Pallas, the daughter of a wealthy Greek politician, talked her father into purchasing the building for her under the guise that she will continue to serve her agenda of being a medical student climbing towards becoming an actual doctor and helping people. Her time spent in Hathian, however, has twisted the young woman - not that she wasn't twisted to some degree before - and she has become obsessed with the monsters that live inside people, or more importantly, removing them. Athena knows how to put on a show and play politics as well as hostess. While not having any real experience running a business there will be bumbles, but ultimately it will be a front to her more purpose driven reason for acquiring the place. Space, equipment, and access to a pool of people that suffer their monsters. Athena is not generally a "bad" person but she will do bad things if the intention behind them is strongly aimed towards "good". To this end, Athena might observe and occasionally offer advice, discuss "treatment" plans, or list potential targets. She will try to keep her hands mostly free of blood, heavily reliant on others to do the dirtier parts of the job. This doesn't mean she won't be engaging in day to day operations. She will in fact be involved, checking progress with patients and staff, hiring new staff, and securing potential patients for both ends of the spectrum. The idea is that the employees will be hands on with either normal psychiatric care or the seedier experiments that happen. This also opens the door for conflict between people who view themselves as "good" and those that are "bad" with both sides operational in the same building. This can lead to disputes between employees, internal struggles and corruption over time. The goal here is planting the seed and watching it grow to shape characters involved with Stillwaters. For the more immediate future, Athena will visit the asylum, scope it out further for purchase. If approved, the process of cleaning it up and stocking it will begin as well as bringing in other contacts more ICly to plan out specifics, make deals with devils, and engage more with Backwaters as a whole to start making more connections. As for events: "Visitation" - At least once a month; where family and friends are allowed to come in and visit the "normal" patients. There will be a buffet style dinner for them to enjoy and outdoor activities and games for them to engage in. "Private Viewing" - These will be focused on the extra patients that aren't listed on the books. Potentially with multiple viewers watching the progress of the monster cleansing progress. Also, possibly other interested doctors and medical students as a teaching opportunity as well as investors that may want someone specifically targeted. For a generous donation to the asylum, of course. "Group Therapy" - Once a month, which I suspect will probably get violent or chaotic. "High Value Targets" - It will be the aim to go after one high value target a month, or every other month. This could be a cop, a gang lead, a business owner. Someone substantial. Smaller targets will be more frequent but to limit the amount of attention the asylum gets, anyone of higher value will be spaced out. "Escapes" - Security isn't always the tightest at the Asylum and there would be potential for patients to get out which could involve one or both cities in manhunts to recollect the lost. In the meantime, that patient could cause a variety of pr


UNIQUE: I think the asylum already stands out as it is. It has massive potential for roleplay. I believe the idea, as described above, will make it stand out just in story alone. It will involve both Backwaters and Hathian, drawing from both pools to meet in the middle with the criminally insane and psych patients. Both the HPD and Sheriff's Office can send patients in. HGH and the Laveau Clinic can send their psychiatric patients to the Asylum. Doctors that specialize in such care will have a place to work and can even offer therapy sessions and help with group therapy or do outpatient/home visits (if they want to take the risk). I have reached out to Backwaters factions to help with obtaining less than willing patients, experimental drug trials, torture, potentially using the location for unsavory deeds, legitimate patient transport as well. My character has good standing and contacts within HPD as well as HGH to facilitate the more legitimate side of things and less than legitimate contacts with gangs in Hathian and factions in Laveau making this a coordinated effort to try to facilitate bringing roleplay to the asylum.


EXPERIENCE: While this avatar appears newer, I have 17 years of SL experience. I've been a creator, a photographer, a blogger, store manager, and customer service. On the other side I've owned roleplay sims, managed, moderated, and have built them. I've written entire backgrounds and concepts and enjoy creating stories for others, not just myself, to be involved in. I am well aware of the work that goes into it and the time management required. I'm good with delegation and communication. I'm responsive to concerns that are voiced and usually can pick up on ones that aren't. I've already sought out some support ahead of putting in this proposal and have several people and groups already willing to play a part in it or contribute to it's success. From both Backwaters and CD. Please note that my activity levels in more recent months have dipped due to recovery from a RL injury/surgery. I am usually quite active, and present pretty much daily and looking forward to diving back into some incredible and twisted stories.


IDEAS: Not only is it a hope that players will get sent to us from multiple sources, but I hope to meet and keep in touch with staff as they come in and get to work. I like to find out what direction they want to go with their character and help facilitate that. As far as new players, I'm a wealth of information they can rely on for who to go to for what if I can't help them myself. I'm welcoming and friendly, even taken to mentoring and helping new players find their way.


OTHER: Open House. Allow people from both cities to tour the legitimate areas of the asylum and discuss our goals of helping people with their mental health while providing copious amounts of alcohol and finger foods and possibly asking for donations to help the place continue to run. This would be a cover, of course, to study potential targets and find out who has deep pockets. This would also allow Athena to get a feel for the who's who of both cities and form connections to produce further roleplay. Alternatively, the less formal grand opening might be a bit darker, bringing together a host of the more interested parties to witness the first "monster" being revealed and/or tamed via torture. These invitations will be delivered personally and kept very hushed due to it's nature. Or will it?

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