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The position of lead for Raders got more interest than I expected. Thank you to all who sent in their applications! Had to make a choice so we will have two proposals up for community review. Both have quite different ideas to them so, please, feel free to post your comments and questions. I will leave the two threads open for a week before making a decision.

Rader Records

By: Kian Traviss (Blankidea Resident)
Type: Official Business

BACKGROUND: I Plan to make Radar Records and WKRK radio station an every day common part of Hathian like it has been before, and has the potential to be. I would engage the community by interacting through radio shows and role play. Focusing on teaming up with Hathian TV, reality shows, competitions similiar to 'the voice', dating shows and open to new ideas from the eventual strong and idealist staff I would like to have at the business. I saw radar records listed on here and wanted to jump on THE opportunity i've really been waiting for. Kian couldn't be more interested in this (me too). Kian's been in Hathian for a few years now, he knows better than ever how this city operates and that he's always been looking for a unique mouthpiece for his views on the HPD. He headed up the Liberate where most still do not know he was the one organizing this hacker/HPD nonviolent hate group. His views and opinions have not changed, in fact they've only strengthened even though it may look like this mild mannered young man has no outwardly hate for anything or anyone. His views will most likely come out in satire and subtle undertones in advertising and comedy. He currently produced DJ Blunt's 'Hangin with Blunt' and has done his own show in the past " Da Jams Morning Show with Kian Traviss". Both live shows. Currently he still produces and helps with advertising on Blunt's show but because of the slow IC and lack of Players within the record/wkrk group, he's had to npc working out of town and has worked hard to move up further on the food chain. He has been doing this for a better part of a year now. Fluctuating his time between Hathian and his fictitious affiliate radio station in Baton Rouge

UNIQUE: What makes this unique!!! Well the integration of creativity in second life and real life creativity. Most people that have never done it may not understand the difficult task of not only having a character in world but having to create a persona for it out of world, and almost become that person by voice, antics and then create an entire show around it that's real time live. Some of you that do know will understand exactly where i'm coming from. This in itself is unique. The record store itself is unique because it's common ground among both criminal and citizen element.

EXPERIENCE: I’ve been RPing for about 9 years in Second life and several more before it in embarrassingly non sexual games like Everquest that I tried turning sexual anyway (humor). I am very good at pushing role play, coming up with entertaining ideas and integrating other people and businesses in what I'm doing. I want other people involved, it doesn't work any other way. This is the only sim I RP in, i've got quite a few story lines here that I cannot walk away from even if I wanted to (baby mama's). I’ve always tried to stay away from drama and have had a few hard lessons in the past that forced me to see that it just sometimes happens (whether i like it or not) and the best way to handle it is to try and be as compassionate and calm as you can. I for the most part of a strong grasp of my faculties and sometimes myself too. (gasp, no really.) I try to find humor in everything and am here to enjoy my second life with you! (okay that's cheesy)

IDEAS: I want to pull record store and radio station employees together more. I want to create roles that will put a more business like spin to it, more realism. I would hire producers, phone screeners, weather forecast/spot announcers, advertising agents aside from just the usual role of Clerk and DJ. The business is so much deeper and it could be fulfilling for those interested in that kind of rp. I have already been advertising for multiple businesses in the sim by monetary exchange usually. I generally reach out and brain storm with the businesses or individual that is interested in getting an advertisement out on the radio. Typically it's humorous and a lot of effort is put into recording these commercials to make it entertaining for the entire listener base and sim.

OTHER: I see having a community event such as a block party where the new staff would introduce any new DJ's and old and existing, or even potentials like a open mic night of some sort. Probably pre-recorded sessions, maybe even a comedy show.

November 24, 2015 at 1:53 pm
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