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So I am still relatively new here and already enjoying the roleplay. I have been searching SL for a decent roleplay while I finish uni irl and have to admit, this one is certainly worth the time/money. I am going to be furthering my presence in the roleplay now through business and later - potentially a faction which I already have in mind. Of course, the faction is further down the line as I continue to develop my character, make her presence known and fulfill her juvenile ambitions. (It's when she properly matures will she become more fearsome as her notoriety grows).

I am currently pursuing a career at the hospital considering my character went to medical school -  you will find me there daily preforming medical roleplay to anyone who needs it hopefully in the next few days.

1. Modelling Agency.

With all of the introductions said, the point of this discussion is to hear what the community thinks of a modelling agency. After exploring the city, I've come to realise nightclubs, bars, strip clubs seem to already be a bloated market with too many competitors leading me down different private business paths. (a business will fund my future criminal ideas later which is why we are starting with the roots without giving up too much information). This business model would hopefully create "celebrities" in Hathian. Perhaps in later stages, billboards - magazines posts in the newspaper (for collaboration with other businesses in the roleplay) and even potentially film contracts. (considering there is a movie theatre).

2. Brewing Company.

A new Hathian Liquor hits the markets - and hopefully all of the local pubs and nightclubs. This would be an excellent lore explorative idea that would expand on Hathian culture. Everyone here seems to enjoy their liquor as much as their drugs x. Lots of great potential roleplay with a name branded liquor Hathian made hitting the streets. Definitely something that would collaborate well with local liquor vendors with my character chasing contracts.

3. Opera House.

This one is certainly unique to my character's personality. Her love for opera and music always ran deep into her heart. This idea would fall under the same model as the modelling agency. An aim to create celebrities and expand on a music and art industry within the city while typing into the development of a Hathian culture. It would have a dark twist with secrets to be explored by the community. (It would be more influenced by French opera design considering it is Louisiana). Lots of great opportunities for expansion and events for this one.

In conclusion,

These are my three main ideas. I want to know what you think - are these good ideas? Is there one you would like to see? Or do you have another idea? I would love your feedback. Naturally, before I invest into anything I want to know what the community thinks. Thank you for spending your time reading and replying to my discussion! It really helps me out with long term planning. Cheers xx

July 13, 2021 at 7:45 am
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July 13, 2021 at 3:29 pm
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July 18, 2021 at 8:22 am
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