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    As I am again a guest of the HPD B&B I am pretty sure there was some mistake with today’s luncheon .. Typically a Sunday Luncheon is like a nice thick slice of roast meat, gravy, mash, Yorkie pudding and a vegetable dish with some pie or ice cream .. but this was quite clearly the Weekday Manager Cold Cut Special .. One and half pieces of stale bread, one piece of I think is horsecock, some other exotic animal with a unique texture and taste that are like totally indescribable, no condiments, a f-ton of shredded cabbage but like no salad cream, glop of applesauce and I’m not quite sure what the other side was, perhaps some kind of bean served up tempo in provocative salt water sauce .. paired with 1% milk served en carton room temp. I requested to speak to maitre d’ and inquire about this mixup and am told be happy with what I got it’s all I’m going to get, so well eat it or starve so I ate it. All in all DO NOT RECOMMEND this meal.

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