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    RickRowan Resident

    RickRowan Resident Posted an update 8 months ago

    The most influential: To my story line would be: Hendrich

    The most powerful: Clio or Blue, they both have away of making you want to say yes to stupid Shit.

    The most feared: Seana, especially when I’m asleep

    The most hated: Jarek… Still coming for you

    The most respected: kittie

    The most mysterious: No one yet

    The most damaged: piper

    The one they’d hate to be kidnapped by: Barbie

    Someone your character is curious about: dris

    The most loved: Seana

    The most attractive: DatAss

    If they could kill one character: Candy

    If they could fuck one character: already accomplished my goal

    • Seana 7 months, 3 weeks ago

      Yea you better sleep with 1 eye open sweetheart! 😀

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