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    Hendrich Andel

    Hendrich Andel Started the topic The Purge… CD Style in the forum Roleplay Discussion 6 years, 8 months ago

    I saw the trailers for the movie “The Purge” and it got me thinking. Why not do something like this in the Crack Den?


    One day for 12 hours, people can vent their negative emotions because all crime even murder is legal and emergency services are suspended. That means the police and fire department take the night off and the hospitals shut down their emergency rooms. There would be no response if people were to call 911 so… you would be on your own(unless you had friends).

    I know there were some rules like you can’t attack certain people and you can only have certain weapons. But this is the Crack Den so there wouldn’t be any rules. That means anyone is fair game and weapons are no limit(within the sim rules of course).

    This is just an idea and welcome your input. And maybe if enough people like the idea, we can make it an event, even an monthly thing! So let me what you think. Thanks!

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