• 1 year ago

    haleycali resident

    haleycali resident Posted an update 1 year ago

    Looking for fresh victims for my Red Room.

    • Zaza Khalil 1 year ago

      SO how exactly does that work?

      • haleycali resident 1 year ago

        The first part is pretty basic – you get targeted; I’ll spend a little time tracking you down, finding a good place to snatch you.
        After the kidnapping I take you down to the Red Room and get some pictures. I’ll post your info on the Dark Web board (both IC and OOC – need some info on your limits and interests).
        I then take the IC bids for what happens to you, and the scenario plays out in RP. How far it goes and what’s involved depends on what we want to do.

        • Zaza Khalil 1 year ago

          Sounds interesting! Would definitely be interested so feel free to contact me in SL (Sandrina Millet)

          • haleycali resident 1 year ago

            Been looking around; I’m guessing you play in a different time zone than me generally. When are you usually on?

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