• 8 months ago

    Cadence Macpherson

    Cadence Macpherson Posted an update in Hathian Civil Services 8 months ago

    I’ve been trying to get added to the in-world group for 2 days but it is not working. Can someone check the inviter? Thanks!

    • FemmeAppeal Resident 7 months ago

      Is anyone OOC actively in charge of the civil services offices and dealing with these kinds of issues? I mean if the employee tracking system doesn’t actually work, the group inviter is having problems, it makes me wonder if there are other issues. And obviously in other areas of CD, there are problems when the people maintaining that business or city department become too busy with RL to look after it.

      This is neither a criticism nor a complaint, but an inquiry as to whether help is needed and I (or others) can offer any time and support to get this department more technologically functional and RP-friendly. I had a very brief conversation with Jared Comet a few week ago, about some RP ideas I had, revolving around the Civil Services office. But if there’s a technical disconnect that makes it hard for people to join the discussions in the group or, it’s going to interfere with RPing out of the CS office, it would be beneficial to both me and my character to offer any help I can.

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