Lately I have gone over the group members, seeing who is still active or not. Anyone who hasn’t been on in two years did get removed. Staff members who have been on in the last two years but are no longer working at seaside ICly had staff roles taken away and replaced with parent roles instead.

With all this in mind, I am working on getting a solid staff group who can host classes and events on a regular basis. I also want to introduce the position of Vice Principal as my right hand man (or woman) to help me out from time to time or be there in case RL pulls me away like I have to work or something.

After we get a few more staff members I do have ideas for bigger events, such as a career day(s) where members of the community from different businesses can come in and talk about their work then at the end of it all the youth can make a project whether it be photos, essay, or what not describing what they’d like to do when they grow up.

I was also thinking of holding a reward assembly/dinner to praise students who do well in classes and attend school activities on a regular basis after we’ve had classes set up.

another idea I had was more for the teenagers, a debutante ball where girls and their dates learn etiquette and stuff then there will be the party where they dress up and the young gals are presented to society.

Those are just some ideas I have right now. I’ve set up a suggestion box at the school for anyone to drop me a NC with their ideas for events or improvements.