Hello!  I am Rory McAuley, OOC co-lead of the Rejects.  Recently, we've been kicking off something of a heavy recruiting drive OOC, trying to get new people who will help make the gang stronger.

One of the ways we would like to do this is kidnapping kids and essentially bringing them up to be Rejects.  I had the pleasure of playing Rory as being raised by Rejects from the time I started playing her when she was five, to the present, and it was a really, really awesome experience in terms of shaping her as a character.

On an OOC level, I'm looking for three primary things:

1) Ability to write.  This doesn't mean gigantic, page-long posts.  It means the ability to communicate and describe, and give other people things to respond to in your posts.

2) Self-motivation.  There is usually some kind of overall idea of where we're going, and increasingly I've been breaking down assignments for people, but a /big/ part of being a Reject is coming up with your own fun.  We encourage people to come up with plots of their own, be they individual or for everyone.

3) Low drama.  People who start causing massive OOC drama either in the gang or in CD as a whole, which reflects on us as a crew, will simply be kicked out.  No matter how good a writer someone is or what they can bring to the Rejects, drama is toxic to everyone involved.

So, that's the serious part.

The fun part is that being raised by Rejects is fun.  When I created Rory, I was more or less feeling like I was kind of done with CD, and she changed all that.  By the time she hit eighteen, she had blown up a church with Piper, learned how to make meth from Ika, participated in the HPD takeover on her 10th birthday and murdered both a random woman and a cop, execution-style.  All these experiences shaped who she is as a character, and that has been so amazing that I can't even describe it properly.  Creating a character is always fun, having one grow into adulthood shaped by their surroundings is even moreso.

In short, there will always be things for you to do, and you will have people around you who have a vested interest in making your character turn out interestingly and paying attention to you.  It will not be a "nice" upbringing but it will, on an OOC (and often IC) level, be fun as hell.

What we're looking for is this:

Male or female
Age 15+
We will also look at people 10-12+ under certain circumstances so if you are that or interested in playing that, let me know and we can discuss it.

If your character has parents, we can kidnap you.  If your character is a street kid, we can put you to work.  If you have no character but want to make one for this, we can work with you.

Let me know in-world, Rory McAuley (anasilan Kytori), and we can talk over ideas and see if you'll be a good fit.