First, here is the current map regarding the new zoning in Crack Den:

Here are the current places available for minors to RP at/work at. Feel free to hang out anywhere, unless it's in the new Adult Zone. This topic is locked to keep it a simple read and I will edit as more places become available. Contact me with questions or spots (private or CD Official) that I have left out. I will likely also put in some pictures and sURLs for some of the spots, but for now:

Seaside Youth Center -

Hathian Unrestricted Zone:
Public Pool & Park - Vodou/Hathian border
The Daily Grind - Run by Piaget Hax
Super Chopsticks - Run by Desiray Slade
Hathian Motors / Junkyard- Run by Evelyn Jacobus
Comiquities (Comic book store) / Aracade - Run by Dustin Chestnut
Social Services/Youth detention - Run by Denise Domela
Skate park (Behind comic store)
Movie Theater - Run by Lia Linette
Gein Burger -
Pie Hole Pizzeria/Arcade - Run by Iokko Molko
DP gas station (also the new LP from the OOC area)
Jimmies Walk up chicken (corner across butcher shop)
Butcher Shop - Rub by Black Hotaling
Berthier Bakery - Run by Aizzel Gossipgirl
Clam Convenience - Run by Kamiki Cerna
WKRK - Run by Esperanza Hernandoz (Rader is run by Parnell Urqhart)
HPD Lobby ONLY (Minors will not be allowed past the secured doors) - Run by Hendrich Andel
Basketball courts (Next to HPD)
Pawn Shop, Bail Bonds & Guns Shop - Stu Canning

District 8:
Public Beach
City Park
HGH - Honey Hoffman
FDH (First floor only) - run by Jessi Noel & Rog Messmer

Coming soon to District 8:
Skate Rink/dance club - Needs Manager, accepting proposals (teens encouraged to apply)