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Youth characters in Hathian

Being a kid: the daily basics

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First of all: this is not a topic created by the managers/owners of CD. It's a community member message. I think that everyone in the community should support it and help it grow healthy. And that's what I'm trying with this. Second, each time I say kid, I mean adult RPlaying as a character that it's a minor.

About this topic/guide. All is a personal opinion of those who write it. I hope and wish to edit this post over and over with everything that gets contributed as a reply to this post. The reason of making this is because I was a bit lost when I got into CD and I still am. My target is to make a post that anyone that wants to play or plays a kid in Crack Den could look and get inspiration/guidance to keep moving.

Basics resouces that are already around:
- Rules of CD
- Map of forbiden areas
- Seaside building - TP
- Hathian Observer - Newspaper

What else is around?

  • Civil services
    There are social workers that look after streets kids, and might be even able to find them a foster home.
  • Police, Hospital and Fireman.
    Police is there to serve and protect.... or should be... not quite sure =)
    The hospital have doctors specialized in pediatrics.
    Fireman, come on... sure you need to call them to save your kitty that climb on a tree.
    How to get in touch with any of these services? Well phones work, you could dial the number of any of those offices if your character knows them, or you can dial 911 and dispatch would take the call. To do such just Rplay that your are calling and paste it in the 'Crack Den Roleplay' group chat. Recommended for new players to wait to see how the service is used by other players, also remember to be real about it. You don't have emergencies each time you are bored, and emergencies don't happen very often.
  • Business (Directory)
    Like in RL there are some business that are more keen to have kids around and other that doesn't. In Hathian you could find some good special offers in food and other establishments special for kids.

What does a kid do?
I don't want to tell you what to do. That would be dumb. RPlay means having all the options you can create and even more, it shouldn't be something with limited options. What I will try to explain in this point is how to find your motivation to generate RP.

Fill your character basics. What's the most basic of all? Subsistence. You might have a family or be on your own. But you need to be able to fill your biological needs: sleep, eat,... It doesn't matter if you RPlay it or not. What matters is that there is a way your character can do it in daily basics. For example: Your character could be eating in any of the business on the city if he/she has a income of money that pays for it, it can be allowance, some kind of paid job, have a lot of cash because your character just make it into the city and comes with a bag full of money it's a little more unbelievable but it's your character you do whatever you want. Anyway, not having a way to fill your character basics isn't bad. Actually that gives you a powerful objective to achieve. In the example I just used, it could be your character begging on the streets, shoplifting, ...

Once you have your character basics met, it doesn't mean it's over, that your life becomes a routine and there is no way to generate RP. Rplay is creating a story. Just like in books or movies, stories need character and things happening. You will never seen a character in a movie standing in a street without a reason. The only case might be an old man that in a corner of the street frozen because he doesn't remember how did he got there or what was going to do because he has Alzheimer. But what I just told you, it's the reason for that character to be there. Anyone that bumps into the old man will become part of the story of the man since there is a drama (please don't confuse drama with drama: people bickering for a silly reason that will leave them nowhere and you find usually in SL very easy). Drama is a must, ingredients are characters that pursuit something and that meet.

So what's that thing I'm after if I already have the subsistence covered? Take a look at the next pyramid:
I don't want to argue about if that is the right order or if those elements are the right ones or if some are missing. Things change depending on how old your are but as human been we all get affected by those in some level. Think about your character and figure out what's the priority for your character. There is no way to have all covered at 100% level, so get your character needs to figure out your character targets.
I don't like to give much examples because they limit the imagination but I will give a few so you understand the concept of character need and character target. Esteem-bullie smaller kids, family-for a homeless kid would be develop a relationship full of trust with someone, security of body - for a small kid would be do not cry when gets a booboo.


vv(in development)vv

Creating a kid character

  • Age and sex

    • Basic differences between ages
    • Behaviors
    • Looks
  • On your own or in a family
  • Growing and building up your character
  • ...

This area is to request collaboration to improve this post. Anyone that can add more things to it please post a reply. Anyway I'm doing requests:
- Anyone knows what's been done actually at the Seaside building?
- I'm sure that people can fill more about the police,hospital, fireman and business.

October 18, 2012 at 12:40 am
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