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Youth characters in Hathian

A lot of words for a few questions.

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Okay, well. I'm slightly scared that I'm opening up some big, bad can of worms, but I've read the entirety of the forums and still haven't found the answers to my questions. I'm so sorry if these have been answered somewhere before; I really did try hard to do my own research before starting a whole new topic and asking all my questions.

I am really interested in getting the schools to become active again. From a personal standpoint, it has been refreshing to find a group of people more interested in realistic stories than time-wasting ridiculousness (though hey, there's a place for that, sure.. heh.) and who actually (seem to) care about their characters, their background stories and the paths down which their characters are headed. It's been such a pleasure to read here, read profiles, read the main website and watch how everyone works together, linking stories and thus creating a true feeling of a realistic community. With that being said (and with my apologies - I wasn't gifted with the virtue of brevity) I did have some questions to put to those who feel so inclined to answer. (I bolded them, to make it easier. I think I chattered quite a bit unnecessarily.) My sincere appreciation in advance, for your time.

It doesn't seem as if the school is very active anymore. Is that the case? I mean the Elementary and High School, not the University, you know? The threads regarding Seaside on the forums even seem to be back-dated quite a long way. Is it the case that story lines involving the schools wax and wane with the interest of the current members? I only play a child in SL, so I don't really have the perspective of someone who mainly plays an adult character and uses a child character merely to enhance a story once in a while.

Are there current teachers, or a list of previous teachers, or.. some interest, by anyone, in playing a teacher? In reading the previous threads here, it seems as if there wasn't (isn't..?) a regular, set class schedule. How does one go about finding a player interested in teaching?

Where are the other kids? O.o I think this may be my main question. The Seaside School group has tons and tons of members, but every time I'm in Vodou, I don't see any other kids. Ever. Heh. I was thinking that perhaps most of the "kids" are just alts of the adults I mentioned above, who don't regularly play children? Was there ever a time when kids frequented Seaside? Did something happen that made people lose interest?

Can kids come to city-wide events, like the upcoming carnival?
I mean, with their parents, of course, depending on their age. I saw the flier and thought it might be fun, but wanted to ask, first. I'm always so worried about making people uncomfortable, with me playing a child. It's entirely possible that I lose out on role play because I'm overly cautious, but I definitely do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. I've found that sometimes, merely the presence of a child avatar sets people off. What is the general attitude of players in CD towards children?

Are there places for rent for families to live? I guess what I'm asking is, do adults with children need to live in a certain place, out of the way, or no?
I wanted to rent a space for myself and the writer playing my character's guardian to live, but I couldn't figure out where to look. I even walked the whole map, going to each place that kids are allowed to be, but couldn't find rentals. Or places for sale, for that matter. Any help about this would be appreciated.

I think.. those might be all my main questions. For now. I tend to ask a lot. I'd rather ask than make a mistake, or ruin someone's role play, or worse. Thank you a billion times, in advance, and I'm sorry again for talking-and-talking-and-talking so much. :]

June 25, 2012 at 3:37 pm
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