I'd like this thread to be an opportunity for HPD players, old and new, to make suggestions. I cannot and will not guarantee that they'll be enacted, but anything reasonable will be considered (if I have the power to change it and think it's a good idea, I will; if it's something that Krystal, Susser and I together have the power to change, we'll discuss it; if it's something that would need admin approval, and K, Susser and/or I think it's reasonable, we'll bring it to them for discussion).

Please note, however, that I said 'suggestions'. I don't want this to turn into something where we just shit on the HPD - if you have a complaint, this is your opportunity to make a suggestion for how to make it better. The goal is for us all to feel more united and to have a clear vision of what we want the HPD to be and to become - NOT to have a clear vision of what parts of it we hate and we should all just quit because who cares anyway!

Also, if you have a suggestion you don't want made public, I'm sure any of the LTs would be happy to hear it in our IMs (although please send it as a notecard because I know, personally, that my IMs cap almost every time I log out).