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Hathian Police Department

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The Den’s Largest Gang. Upholding the law of Hathian with absolute corruption.

Police Academy- Just An Idea

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So I have noticed that there has been a high influx of Rookies to the HPD since the changes. Though not exactly like other gangs, the HPD is still the biggest gang in CD. But it seems like most anyone who applies can become a cop, much like anyone who applies to the other Ooc jobs can automatically work. But being a cop is a bigger Rp than waiting tables at Slims. So I was curious if anyone had thought to have a Police Academy. Even HPD Rookies have some authority when playing cops right off the bat and it’s a lot of responsibility. So seems like there should be more Rp before new cops reach this status. Much like the prospect status for other gangs in CD. It’s just a thought but I was wondering what others thought or if this has been discussed before.

January 6, 2015 at 8:27 pm
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Thanks for your input!!

I agree with your points.. Police have power and rookies are given alot of leeway and it’s a major concern that shit doesn’t get abused!

Never fear! We do have a training program in place. HOTP = Hathian Officer Training Program.

Until promotion, it was my baby to hold once a week, however, there are some great people stepping in with it and giving a hand now. We have a manual just about completed on training guidelines too!

January 7, 2015 at 5:53 pm
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I think it’s fair to say if Grace gives me her… grace, that the HOTP manual is now complete, enough to be used anyway. I know that Grace did a very good job with holding the HOTP sessions before her role was moved away from it and with my promotion following her’s I’ve begun to take more of a role in HOTP and have started giving these sessions, I’m aiming to do one a week and they will cover all aspects of HPDness in an IC manner with relevant OOC points thrown in.

The assumption is that a rookie, no matter their previous RP experience or IC background story, has come fresh from the academy and will be treated as such by superior officers until they work up to Officer status (and from there above).

The trouble is it is far too easy for new members to ‘slip through the net’ and miss out on the opportunities to learn from more senior officers and I would encourage all rookies to actively seek out help both IC and OOC in their first few days/weeks, better to ask a stupid seeming question than to make a simple mistake!

Hopefully we can start turning most rookies into good officers rather than simply leaving them to sink or swim!

January 28, 2015 at 10:05 pm
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