Hi my friends, maybe I missed it but I noticed there is not in game transmissions system, so I'm openning this topic so the medical team can leave notes to the others and keep track of what happen. This way the doctors can leave special instructions to the nurses team, prescription etc, we can leave notes for appointments and nurses can leave transmissions for there colleagues. This is not for the patient history (that already exists) but more leave some notes to each others. Hope this is ok with you.


Patient : Katrina Naglo

She came with a sprain at her left ankle. I didn't manage to find her in the roster. I figured out that was because she was ok to go home. But I wasn't sure so I RPed that the NPC Doctor see her and put a splint over her sprain and give her Tramadol for the pain. I also RPed that she have to come back in 10 days to take the splint off. So she's waiting for an appointment IM and I told her to come anyway, even if she don't have an appointment, so she can NPC that the doctor take the splint off.