NAME: Saga Sorrowsong

AGE: 35

CRDNTLS:  M.D/N.D  (Doctor of Medicine and Naturopathic Healing)

HISTORY: Attended community college for her general courses and after receiving her bachelors she transferred to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill for med school. After four years in med school she received her M.D./N.D. and then transferred to Charleston Airforce Base Medical Clinic for her residency. She completed her residency in four years after which she enlisted in the military. Eventually she was stationed in Afghanistan as a combat medic and after a year and a half she came home to the United States. With her time served she then transferred to HGH with recommendations.

Times of Availability:

Sunday: All day or night
Monday: All day or night
Tuesday: All day or night
Wednesday: After 5:30pm SLT every other week
Thursday: After 5:30pm SLT
Friday: After 5:30pm SLT
Saturday: After 3:30pm SLT