Social Worker: Nick MacMoragh

Child: Ivory (NPC for now)

Status of Parents: Unknown

Foster Parents: Peninnah Aisley and Kiryu Hideyoshi

Information: A few days ago Peninnah Aisley and Kiryu Hideyoshi, two foster parents registered with Hathian's social services, came in to report they had found an abandoned three year old in the rain soaked streets of Hathian. They offered to foster the child in their home until such a time as family could be located. I did an interview with the three year old and discovered no parents or biological family could be located. After a home visit to Aisley and Hideyoshi's residence, I determined it is in the best interest that the child be placed and remain with them.

Needed: The couple has expressed interest in adopting the child and it is my recommendation that be allowed. Social Services will continue to monitor the situation.