An email sent to the social system arm of Civil Services:

Child's Name: Patricia Hunter

Age: 5

Status of Biological Parents: Mother, Anne Hunter, currently missing (NPC). No known father.

Information: Child was found wandering near Civil Services. She was approached and interviewed by officer Airion Hykova of the HPD and Greer Stewart of Civil Services. Together they determined the child's mother was missing. Child reported a friendly waitress had been caring for her while they searched for the missing mother. (Waitress is an NPC). A doctor from the HGH offered to take the child, but the child reacted badly. Child was released to the care of the waitress (NPC) until a social worker could be found.

Needed: Follow up with Social Worker - Contact Greer Stewart (Raycen Serevi) at number listed.

(( child is Patricia Hunter (patriciahunter) in world.))