Worker: Nickolas MacMoragh. ((NickolasK))

Worker Phone: 504-285-9724

Worker Email. [email protected]


Child's Name: Oliver Nick Frontenac (GuyMarshall))



Age: 11


Status of Biological Parents: Unknown. Adopted Mother: Grace Frontenac. Adoption was in July 2019.


Date of Report: 11/14/2019- visit pending


Information: I, Nick MacMoragh, Director of Hathian Civil Services, have observed disturbing behavior from both the child, Oliver Frontenac, and the boy's mother, Grace Frontenac, on social media. On October 29, 2019, Grace Frontenac used the social media platform Twiter to openly encourage 11-year-old Oliver to draw a picture of a penis and send it to me, an adult. Oliver suggested to his mother that he craft a penis for me out of play dough, which is a wildly inappropriate suggestion from a child. Rather than correct the behavior, Ms. Frontenac supported Oliver's idea. When challenged about the inappropriate nature of such a discussion, Ms. Frontenac replied that Oliver must learn about "little dick syndrome." Tweet enclosed

On November 4, 2019, Ms. Frontenac openly attempted to bribe a psychiatrist named Derek Dravonicci to provide her with a statement supporting her claim that her mental health is sound. Tweet enclosed.

Additionally, Ms. Frontenac openly allows Jesus Ramirez, a known criminal, around her child. Ms. Frontenac's romantic partner is Vicus Volkoff, a man with an extensive criminal record, who is allowed to act as an example for the minor child.


A search on Ms. Frontenac's criminal record shows she was under investigation for murder in September of 2018.


Per Oliver's tweet on October 14, 2019, the minor child was unaware of his mother's location, having to use social media to find her. (Tweet Enclosed)


Further Action: A home visit and meeting with Ms. Frontenac are needed urgently. In the meantime, I recommend Oliver and all other minor children in the care of Ms. Frontenac be placed in the protective custody of Hathian Civil Services until the investigation completes. I will inquire with the court and Hathian Police Department as to the outcome of the murder investigation against Grace