CU Update - November/December

Mon, Nov 27 2017 3:01:50 AM PST


November has been a quieter month for CU however December is shaping up to be busy.


The basketball team and fantasy & fiction club have both been approved.  Get in touch with the leads if you'd like to get involved.


Cheerleader's have a car wash event on 9th December.


Buffy-Ella Millet and Damean Gage will be celebrating their engagement with a party on 10th December.


There will be a Blood Drive for the CU clinic.


Final exams for the year will start 11th December.


With a Xmas party at the end

Please contact Buffy Aura if you can help with any of the events.

All classes to continue as normal however we'll end term on 22nd December.

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