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[CU Fraternity] KoK – Kappa Omega Kappa

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Esmeralda Siamendes


KoK - Kappa Omega Kappa

By: Ray Peters (Theylon Darkfold)
Type: Fraternity

BACKGROUND: Kappa Omega Kappa hopes to bring back life (along with YES) to the dwindling school basis that is CU. KoK will "hopefully" do at least 1 event a week even if its something as small as bowling or truth or dare (to get people on sim)...or things as large as parties...just because house party. ((This sort of thing could also lead to "noise complaints" and people from CD being called over to stop it)) Also, no one would be turned away from these events, student or otherwise.

UNIQUE: KoK doesnt wish to be the 'normal' type of FRAT...we wish to be involved in not only CU'S RP, but CDs (Hathians) as it to be the location where crime bosses can bring their product to sell to the students (sort of like a distribution hub) or other such merited areas outside that of having fun as a normal frat would be. For example...a hidden side to the frat that no one sees due to the loud bright side they show. We also wish to be very active with the youths around Hathian as well, possibly offering ourselves up as a sort of "big brother" organization when we have the time and man power to do so.

EXP: I Planned and outlined the Rush Week for ASZ during my short time there as a pledge, as well as helped YES with various tasks and events. In the past I have also (on other sims) ran sim wide events that lasted for months including to but not limied to all day things, "tests," "combat missions," and other things of said manner to keep people busy and interested in RP.

WORK WITH OTHERS: Various Bars (liquor for the houses and for bar hopping and frequenting) Various Gangs/Crime organizations (offered as an underground distribution hub to the student of CU for their product in exchange for money, protection, and respect). Various Food Catering Businesses (people gotta eat during events right?) The Community Center (will make it a PLEDGE TASK to have them volunteer at least once for the youths of CD there...we might be KoK but we arnt heartless either.) Others to be listed and discussed as the RP evolves. (possible Football/sports background for its member?)

IDEAS: Parties, Constant Class attendance, going to Cheerleading practice when its held to 'oogle' at the girls in rp (to both encourage them to hold it and to keep sim activity high), Random gatherings, Attending other groups events (like the community center for example), holding various "in character dealings" with people and groups in Hathian in order to possibly spread out the population of Hathian and get more people to come over to both sims...if enough people are interested do "RLF" as well as we have done it previously in another sim and was successful enough to get them on the map. Collaboration with other groups like YES, more to be planned as the days go on and we acquire more members.

September 18, 2015 at 4:00 pm
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Nakami Jun


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September 19, 2015 at 1:39 pm
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September 21, 2015 at 6:29 pm
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