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CU Class: Intro to Global Health 101

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IC Information:
Class Name: Introduction to Global Health 101
Class Code: CUGHMED101
Credits: 3
Duration: 6 weeks
Instructor: Yari Samone (npc - will be replaced by Zoey Summers IC'ly for first class)
Class Length: 2 hours
Meets: Thursday Evening - 6pm SLT (and one other varying earlier class to better accomodate Euro TZ) - First Class - March 16th 2017
An introduction to themes, jargon, and ongoing challenges to delivering quality healthcare on a global scale. A must for future physicians interested in volunteering abroad or low income areas of the United States.

OOC Information:
A student teaching a class?! What gives?! The day before this class is scheduled to start, the professor, Yari Samone, will have miraculously won his golden ticket out of Hathian, the sole recipient of Louisiana's state lottery - over 2 million dollars. Without notice or regrets, Yari and his wife pack up and leave Hathian for good, with nothing more than a goodbye, leaving the school in a bind. It is assumed that Columtreal's budget is scarce, quality teachers are tough to come by, and this late into a semester there aren't a lot of candidates to fill the vacant spot. Struggling with the decision to simply "stiff" the students on the money already paid for the class or find a suitable resolution, the clock ticks down for a decision to be made.

Enter our heroine, Zoey Summers. Fresh out of a meeting with the disciplinary board (npc of course) for her recent list of criminal offenses as well as her suspicions of trafficking the party drug known as HQ (ecstasy) on campus. Facing suspension, she is pulled into the dean's office where a very unusual proposition is made. Her ties to the fire department are well known, and she has had medical training to perform her daily duties. Handle Yari's class until a suitable replacement can be found (as if that would ever happen, but it would be pretty amazing if it did at some point). She can remain as a student with a clean academic record, and of course, she would not be paid. After all, the school is doing her a favor, not the other way around. The school's words - "give a few tests, assign a few homework assignments, and find something medical related to talk about in class each week. Not like we really care how informative it is, none of our students will ever be doctors."

On day one - any one attending should be awaiting a short, balding, older man to come through the door as the professor - there should be some shock and awe when Zoey comes in and is like "sup, i'm your teacher, deal with it."

March 11, 2017 at 7:48 am
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