Go Looters!

Welcome back boys and girls to another wonderful fall in Columtreal University!  The school cheer squad is looking for dedicated and hardworking students to join and become the public face of our campus to the public eye.  Come down and join Head Coach Gabriella Zabalza for cheer squad orientation this Sunday in the gymnasium!  No need to come dressed in athletic wear, this is just going to be an orientation for anyone interested in joining the squad.  We will be discussing just what the Cheer Squad means to the campus and the world at large, what we expect out of our members, and what being a member of the squad and mean for them also!  So if you have any interest in the squad, swing by to meet the coach, meet other potential members, and learn just what being a Looter Cheerleader means!  And boys, you’re just as welcome too, we can always use a couple of strong backs 😉