The Devouring

A cult, based in the Crack Den roleplay sims, members of The Devouring share the belief of the existence of Demons within all. While deeply linked to criminal activities, their goals differ from usual gangs. Deviants and Prophets; they can, in turn, go after what they desire (violence, terror, chaos, whoring, dominance, gluttony…) or spread their gospel to as many as possible.



They will take what none will give, And the rest will stay in fear of the ReJeCtS.


The Revenants

Ghosts. The Revenants [aka Revs] are born from the ashes of the past. No blind loyalties, no freely given respect, no unconditional trust — everything of worth to be earned in blood. Break down what is to rebuild what is honest, and use every possible source of pain to do so.


Noir Grim

A street gang that works as a family looking after each other in the streets of Hathian. The Noir Grim takes hit contracts and hosts the fight nights around different Hathian locations with volunteer fighters and forced ones. They deal drugs in the events and also around the streets along with information trade and contacts established in strategic positions for their benefit. Each rag represents a rank and each person has a skill. Where will you be? Inside the ring or fighting along with the Noir Grim?

Before you propose, please read the Faction Proposal Guideline page for more details.