Chaos. It is the one thing that the Kogarashi thrive on in their need to wreak havoc while exposing the truth about human nature. Unlike most gangs in Hathian, the Koga doesn’t operate for money or materialistic reasons. They work to corrupt or force others to play in their ‘games’ and often cause people to do things they normally wouldn’t in order to survive. They also take advantage of the type of people who already enjoy causing others pain for sport. The Kogarashi rarely act on their own, instead they enjoy manipulating others to act for them. Everything the gang does comes down to getting people to tap into the more primal side of their nature. Those that resist resorting to what the Koga consider to be the true nature of human beings, often fall as victims during the course of the gang’s games. In the end, the body count the Kogarashi indirectly cause through their games is high and will only keep on growing the more chaotic those games become.

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