✘ Kogarashi

Chaos. Kogarashi thrive in their need to wreak havoc while exposing the truth about human nature - they do not operate for money or materialistic reasons. They work to corrupt or force others to play in their games and often cause people to do things they normally would not in order to survive.

✘ The King Street Bones

Tempered by chaos and crowned by couture, the King Street Bones unite in a raw, stylish endeavor of genderbending brutality to take over the city and gorge themselves on power, wealth and respect. No one is off the menu permanently for the Bones, but they may be persuaded to diet, for a price. Violence has never looked so good, demanding the spotlight and your wallet.

✘ Sueanos Malos

Sueños Malos is a Mexican Street Gang whose focus is gain power and influence through trafficking drugs and sex. The corner dealers, the trafficked women forced into porn or prostitution. We do not micromanage their aggression, criminality, or problems, and in return expect loyalty and profit from them. We focus on what really brings fear, it isn’t you who pays your debt... but your mother, your wife, your sister, or your kids that do.

Before you propose, please read the Faction Proposal Guideline page for more details.