The Collar and the Ring

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Sat, Jan 20 - Sun, Jan 21 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Collar and the Ring

“Come to the Labor Union area in the South part of Black Bottom! On the 20th of January there will be held an Event of the Sex Workers Union, organized by the Labor Union, starting at 10 am SLT. Visitors pay 250 Dollars ((IC, no Lindens)) to enter, all People, man or women, wearing a collar will enter for free – but be careful, a collar marks you as public plaything 😉 so the Girls of the Sex Workers Union will try to be good hosts, Drinks are for free! Sunday 21th is a show fight of the Haithian Ring wrestling group.”


((alright, so Saturday is a fetish Party, collar means public toy, some willing, some forced, that´s easy enough, isn´t it? 😉

Of course there won’t be just a show fight on Sunday, but real fights, as it is the next Fight Event of the Haithian Fight Ring, ICly there are rumors again, NPC  hookers, Dealers, shady People will spread the word so anyone wanting to visit can know about it and buy a ticket at the Labor Union Yard or a  shady bar. OOC anybody is welcome, just NPC you bought a ticket, while IC we of course try to keep cops out. More Details coming soon, questions please to Xelan Morgath))

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