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Sat, Aug 12 - Tue, Aug 15 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Exploring expectations and past experiences in planing, also first impressions, abilities and cognitive process related to it. Feel free to participate either on forum, or roleplaying in class. Not absolutely required to stay in class during the period scheduled for it to happen, so we practice the class allowing people from different timezones and available time to come and give their contributions, ok?

Activities for this event that was planned to happen right after the students meeting at the students union, where a few as always had a few joints, or had some drinks hiding from the authorities of Crack Den (so expected to be a little tipsy):

  1. imagine you meet a stranger (probably a new fellow student on campus in class of planing), and you have to try to figure what this person think of you based on: appearance, reading your name on presence list, write here what you this person may notice from you as first impressions, before, during and after your first talk and participation;
  2. remember the time you had to plan something and how it goes. No matter if this relates to traveling, getting ready for a party, organizing your backpack for school, or preparing your essay after the lecturer requested it at a class;
  3. now the lecturer asks for the students to produce the following text, roleplaying either inworld SL, or forum: tell me how was your experience in planning for something you had to do, what you did, what (if anything) happened different from expected, and what came out completely different, lost of control, or even didn’t happen at all;
  4. each student now are required to tell what was the first impression, and the other impression after each of the student speech / writing.

This is expected to take no more then 90 minutes of the first class… but will let it open for contributions during three days. So relax and enjoy.

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