Anti-Bias Training Seminar for Law Enforcement Professionals

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Thu, May 18 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The unique role of law enforcement officials in any community makes cross-cultural understanding imperative. In addition to the need to ensure officer-to-officer sensitivity, to accurately represent its constituents, law enforcement officials need understanding, respect, and a willingness to communicate with all segments of the population. If members of the community feel that their own concerns are not understood, their confidence in law enforcement personnel to meet these needs may be severely diminished. Unfortunately, this can adversely impact cooperation for reporting crimes and providing information vital to solving crimes. All officers are encouraged to attend. The roster of attendees will be sent to the head of the HPD. It is a possibility that the head of the department may make this seminar mandatory! Please check with your department head to determine its level of importance. (Location basement level of HGH…please r.s.v.p send NC to sandria mosely)

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