Detention class

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Mon, Sep 18 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Detention means correcting not proper behavior, and for that we have rights and obligations to the one being corrected:

  1. Obligations: a) good behavior; b) respect in dealing with the other convicts; c) execution of jobs, tasks and orders received; d) indemnification of the victim or his successors; e) indemnity to the state with the proportional reduction of their remuneration for work.
  2. Rights: a) attribution of work and their remuneration (not always in cash); b) social Security; c) health care, education, legal, social and religious support; d) visit on certain days; e) private and confidential interview with your lawyer, as well as an intimate visit; f) nominal call meaning being called not by “names”, but using the convict name.

We will approach both obligations and rights…