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Hathian General Hospital received an update to its security infrastructure in 2014. These improvements cover almost every aspect of HGH security and added systems which were previously absent. With this system in place, HGH will be an even safer place for our patients, their friends and family, and our staff (or at least it seems).

The old keycard system has received an overhaul, and all previous keycards have been disabled. Every staff member received a new keycard and a Security Technician has given each a Personal Identification Number to use with our database. With this system in place, it has become extremely difficult for a thief or counterfeiter to gain access to areas of HGH restricted to our staff. Simply swipe your keycard on any given door, enter your PIN.

The old sprinkler system was replaced. This current system is safe for humans and for the type of electrical equipment required by HGH.

High resolution systems have been installed. This system uses a greater number of fixed position cameras, rather than cameras on a swivel. All public and staff areas of the hospital to be monitored in their entirety 24/7 without the short gaps allowed by the previous system. The camera feeds will be monitored in real time, as well as being stored both on the new local server system and a collocation facility. In order to not intrude on the privacy of our patients, these cameras have not been installed in private exam rooms or patient rooms in the Psychiatric Ward.

Motion Sensors have been added to all rooms in the hospital, including the private exam rooms and patient rooms in the Psychiatric Ward. This allows our security staff to easily monitor movements throughout the hospital, and more quickly respond to an instance where someone may be in a section they shouldn’t be. It is also linked in to the camera system to ensure that the security staff can check that the individuals in an exam room or patient room in the Psychiatric Ward are escorted by a staff member simply by reviewing the appropriate footage.

Each member of the HGH security team has received a full evaluation & should have gone through a training course. This course is designed to train security team members in HGH specific protocols, how to handle armed individuals attempting to enter the hospital, how to perform ID checks, and includes a briefing concerning who has access to restricted areas. As well, each security team member has been trained or retrained on self-defense, basic crowd control, the handling of dangerous patients, and how to subdue dangerous individuals with minimal harm.

A secure room has been constructed on the premises in order to house the HGH datacenter. Only the Chiefs of Staff and the HPD (Hathian Police Department) Liaison have access to this room. Unlike other areas of the hospital, this room uses a halon fire suppression system. In the event of a fire in the Datacenter, all persons except for FDH with respirators should evacuate the immediate area. Halon is hazardous to human health, and functions in part by displacing the existing air from the room and starving a fire. While extremely effective, and safe for electronics, this effect results in the loss of a breathable atmosphere.

The morgue and psychiatric ward is strictly off limits to most HGH staff. Only those who have specific interests there are allowed access to those areas. This includes psychiatrists, doctors (physician or higher), nurses, and medical examiners. HPD Officers may be allowed access when a medical examiner or psychiatrist is present in order to facilitate the gathering of evidence. They must still sign in at the reception desk, and be escorted by either a member of the security staff, a medical examiner (if going to the morgue), or a psychiatrist (if going to the psychiatric ward).

The Pharmacy area (NPC currently) is restricted to Pharmacists, Pharmacy Techs, and Chiefs of Staff. Drugs are stored in an automated locker system, with some drugs requiring a double check program to access and distribute.

HPD Officers may, with the assistance of the HPD Liaison, an HGH Chief of Staff, or approved security personal, have access to any area of the hospital (except for the data center) in the event of criminal activity resulting in an emergency situation.

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