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Your Pearl of Hathian Contestants are…
(in no particular order)


Representing the "Hathian Police Department Detective Division"
Lt. Krystal O'Neil
Fun fact: Krystal’s best friend is her dog. Is anyone surprised?


Representing the "Hathian Police Department Patrol Division"
Co. Barley Quinn Alsop
Fun fact: Barley was born in St Andrews, Scotland. Explains the hair.

Representing "Hathian Releaf"
Mercy Bellerose
Fun fact: Mercy reads palms and tarot cards. Oooh.

Representing "Berthier Street Bakery"
Alexandra Markus
Fun fact: Alexandra is a baker (obvi!) but also knows how fix cars.

Representing the "Hathian General Hospital"
Matsume "Su" Dawson
Fun fact: Su plays the violin, you bet you'll hear it during our talent section.

Representing "Garage Gym"
Destiny Jones
Fun fact: Destiny's closest friend is music. It holds her tight in the night.

Representing "Hathian Motors"
Jasmine Hands
Fun fact: Jasmine was born in County Cork, Ireland and her favorite color is green (surprised?).

Representing "Venus Productions"
Tiffany Starr
Fun fact: Tiffany's hobbies include dancing and sex... she's also single. Boys?

Representing "The Pie Hole"
Grey Jameson
Fun fact: Grey believes there is a perfect balance between light and dark (she might be a Jedi, y'all).

Representing "The Poison Apple"
Penelope Pickles
Fun fact: Penelope is into Dolly cos-play and likes to make people giggle (she really is that cute).

Representing "Comiquities"
Domino Davenport
Fun fact: Domino can lasso twirl, we wonder if those are the only rope tricks she knows.

Representing "Brun Dug"
Gidge Delaney
Fun fact: Gidge wants to swim with the sharks and live a happy life (we suggest the latter, not the former).

Representing "Lust Productions"
Lisa "Jelly" Wilson
Fun fact: Jelly wants to win the adult entertainment awards in Las Vegas (first step Pearl Queen).

Representing "The Daily Grind"
Roisin O Conaill
Fun fact: Roisin's talent is pole-dancing... in a non-exotic way. We're not sure that's possible, but we can't wait to see.

Representing "Lou's Bar"
Lozza Weymann
Fun fact: Lozza's favorite sport is Louisville Chugger (google it, you won't regret it).

Representing "Hathian 24 Hour Pawn Shop"
Ra'na Aurelia Halldorr
Fun fact: Ra'na can shoot a bow and arrow like Katniss... but from Canada.

Representing the "Hathian Fire Department"
Daniella Svoboda
Fun fact: Daniella's favorite food is jambalaya (there's a true Louisianian!)

Representing the "Hathian EMT Department"
Riley Thomas
Fun fact: Riley has visited all over Europe and even gone down-under... (we mean Australia!)




(Contestants, you can start campaigning! OOC details to come shortly! If you have any questions, just contact me on twitter or in world: Alexia Rousseau (lydhia.shinn) Twitter: @A_Roo_So )


April 17, 2017 at 8:02 pm
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