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Takahiro Muhindra


In the near or far future, depending on how things go, I'd like to open up a proposal for a Satanic/Voodoo Cult in Hathian with me as leader. I would like to find like-minded players who are looking for an immersive rp experience. I expect things like, rituals on sim indoors and outdoors, demonic possessions [helped with dmt, acid and shrooms of course!], Twisted psychological shit, violence, and sex.

Things I would like to have as a constant:

* monthly sacrifices of whoever wants to be sacrificed, be it a rabbit, or the ultimate sacrifice, a human virgin etc.
* a hang out, whether approved or not, where we all gather, could be approved land, or someone who can host a gothic church or already has one, Secret lairs etc.
* For those of you that favor vampire sims off CD's sim, there would be blood sacrifices, biting, sex in blood, etc.
* orgies would occur, threesome, ritual trains run on a chosen girl.
* Black magic [not real of course they only believe it to be true]
* Lessons and teachings by myself and others who want to participate on Satan, the Legions and our role in his world.
* Heavy metal parties, Industrial and hard music parties, raves and DJs are invited. These parties would be with X, cocaine and whatever the fuck people wanna do.

If I can get enough people 2-3 to start this, and rp a bunch of scenes leading up to it, I'll be putting in a faction request to make it legit. If not? Don't matter, we'll still do it anyways!

I'm not into the gang thing. I want something uniquely mine, that I can share with the rest of those interested and that players who contribute can share too, something that we can use as a tool to expand characters plots in the group and for those that needs something to open up their new characters on sim, and even give those of you that have no direction some direction. Open up the shy quiet ones to sexual experiences icly, give them reason to snatch and kidnap folks off the street for something other than just revenge cause someone stabbed you. A bigger loftier soul engulfing experience that will either lead to your characters demise, or awaken them to their power and potential.

It's totally up to you how you go with it, where it leads your character!

Right now I'm looking for, as I said, people on sim that have that kind of mindset about where they want to go with their rp in Crack Den, I think this could be a fantastic fun ride that never really has to die when a leader dies, or a friend moves onto another rp. This is something they can take with them, even after the dust settles.

Hit me up on Twitter at @MitchYama or in world by IMing me takahiro muhindra.

December 3, 2015 at 10:30 pm
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anasilan kytori


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December 7, 2015 at 6:04 am
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