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Rhyssa Prather


A low jingle hits the bus stop and a pumpkin flame red ponytail steps off the bus. A scarred face mars what might have once been a pretty young woman, about twenty three years of age. She had a massive backpack on her back, worn jeans, a t-shirt that had something about that she was 100% crazy bitch, and more tattoos than most tattoo artists. Her face was heavily pierced and she had a small army of scars scattered across her body, she turns and looks behind her. "Oi, woman! Hurry the fuck up!" towards her best friend that trailed after her.

Name: Rhyssa Lynn Prather
Age: 24

History: Once upon a time their was a very wealthy family called the Prather's off a little island on the Eastern Seaboard. This family was noted because in 1983 the entire family was slaughtered except for the youngest daughter in her own home. Sent to live with an auntie in London the young girl vanished onto the streets. People should have expected it really, she was a Mercenary, for hire, and able to do pretty much what she put her mind too. She had done a stint in the military for her troubles she'd been given two awards and quietly released from duty. She has spent years traveling the world until she paired up with a young woman much like herself except that she makes things go Kablooyey!  That woman became her best friend and the two are sort of inseperable.

Rhyssa speaks multiple languages -five of them due to her travels, she has a lot of scars that she will NOT explain how she got, including four gunshot, one wire strangle scar, the nice little scar across her face, hip, stomach, left knee (which she limps sometimes when it rains).

Weapons: Rhyssa tends to be ..ah..interesting with weapons, that is, in her mind, everything is a weapon. However, if given a choice she loves ball-peen hammers, blunt objects, marbles and the like. She carries a bag of rock salt because as she states, she's a bitch.

Rhyssa usually has a battered cellphone on her, about 200$ at any given time, a pack of cigs, a lighter, her baggie of rock salt and marbles, usually a hammer can be found around her somewhere, she tends to keep a roll of duct tape on her left wrist, superglue in her right pocket, and zipties in her jacket. She is not girly, and she does not do the princess high heel look. The idea of sprinting across a parking lot in a pair of heels makes her cringe.


She is sarcastic, mouthy, and pumpkin haired and has no filter really, and she makes trouble just by existing. Her and her best friend should be wandering into Hathian soon...

March 10, 2018 at 10:09 am
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