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So, about a week ago I set up an unofficial survey on surveymonkey to try and get a vox pop of people's feelings about CD. Shared it on twitter and mentioned in CD OOC now and then.

We got 58 responses and hopefully this will be an interesting exercise to see what RPers feel. The idea stemmed from a debate about RP I had with a friend, and I began to think, OK, I know my own opinions, but what do others feel?
I was worried that there may be an 'echo chamber' effect of responses - i.e. people who follow me on twitter expressing similar opinions - but in fact, I think there's been a good snapshot of various approaches.

So, Steve Harvey time ... survey says ...

Not too surprising that most respondents are regular players. Worth considering that a quarter of people who responded only appear in CD a few times per month.

Not as many responders putting in over 20 hours per week - so this seems worth bearing in mind when planning roleplay scenes, as about 63% of people are between 5 to 20 hours a week - so you're talking 1-3 hours RP per day.

Very interesting how the majority enjoy 'social' scenes in roleplay. Add this to private RP with friends..... one responder mentioned twitter RP, some folks see that as an important or indeed the main element of their roleplay now.

I was very surprised to see the low figure for police RP, I would have reckoned a lot more people come to CD for cop interaction. Hathian General hospital should have been included as an option ... and according to one responder, anal sex with lesbian hobos is the best thing about CD RP!

Mixed responses but I was glad to see people enjoying parties - means maybe we can get more events on the CD schedule! There were some interesting other responses. More sim wide storylines was a popular option. More gang crime. More political RP. Oh and more orgies with lesbian hobos ... that is a recurring theme.

Seems most people are happy enough with how things are going, with the desire for more combat and violent RP being a wish of about a quarter of people - not that big a deal, perhaps.

While the feelings are mixed, there does seem to be room for improvement in large group RP scenes. People did express interest in more large group RPs and are happy when they go well. Post order length certainly an issue here. One respondent suggested shorter post etiquette in group RP.

I would read this as a vote of confidence in the current combat guidelines in CD. Maybe some tweaking, but no major dissatisfaction in the survey.

Confirming that most people stick around the Hathian sim - the other sims are rarely a base of operations for roleplayers. This is particularly noteworthy when it comes to college RP, which quite a few responders expressed interest in but disappointment that CU campus is quiet.

An eye opener? A lot of responses wanting a mix of good and bad cops, but also wanting the violent/corrupt cop RP too.

Hopefully this all provides food for thought and maybe ideas for CD RP in 2017. Thanks to everyone who took part!

January 22, 2017 at 12:32 pm
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January 22, 2017 at 1:05 pm
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