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Alright, dear community, I am happy to present you two new RP venues. Both are located on Vudou on the parcel next to the Youth center.
The Thirsty Piggie is a bar. A cop bar to be precise but of course open for anyone to roleplay.

It is IC owned by Lyss but not managed by her, currently NPC Arnie, some PD veteran is letting the air out of the barrels. It offers the typical options of a bar, also the more adult ones. I encourage trouble and consent any damage that can be repaired over night, so a typial brawl is always welcome. for bigger damage please get with me in IMs. The upper floor holds some torture equipment and can be used by cops for interogations without CCTV. The door to the upper floor has IC the same lock as the door to the bullpen and so can be opened by any HPD member.

Cops feel free to force bad guys to work there as community service (we all love felons in pink apron but first check ooc of course 🙂 , Arnie may also accidentally hire criminals as barkeeps or dancers, so it is also a place where criminals may get an easier hit on PD members.
The Nymph Pond is a Spa. It is IC owned by friends who I OOC trust but lazily managed ICly so it is a vacant spot.
The spa contains a large Pool, sauna, and such but also Shibari options and a wrestling mat for the kinkier visitors.

The rules are easy and outlined on a sign outside,
people pay IC money to enter, inside is clothing optional (swimwear or nude, no street clothes), bound people are regarded playthings.
it invites for erotic roleplay, but also bdsm and fights and criminal transactions.
If criminals have interest in the Nymph pond to use it as base or cover for (forced) prostitution, get with me and I might add some office dungeon if needed.
Both places can be proposed as official businesses if needed.

Both places are open for management grabs. If you think one could be a good option for your character to be manager and seed stories for the community, please get with me in IMs.

Questions can be asked here of course. Enjoy the bar and the spa 🙂

June 18, 2019 at 12:47 am
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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