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Hey fellow Hathianites ((yup, totally just made up a new word...i think))

I have a story/plot idea I have been working on and dreaming up, and so I figured I would toss it in here and see if I could get some good feedback. Hear some opinions and maybe drum up some excitement. I've been slowly but surely working on this character, letting him adjust with every event and every tragedy, and it's been quite the ride. For those of you who know anything about Rizzo, he is an extremely innocent and foolishly optimistic person. All he wants to do is sing and save the world. But unfortunately he's finding out that he lives in a world that doesn't want to be saved. Maybe even craves the chaos. But still, he is hopeful! And so now, that he is signed with Brun Dug Studios, and fed up with all of the corruption, he is looking to form a group and embark on a tour he is dubbing The Riot Tour. His intent, is to make a plea to the citizens of Hathian to rise up and fight back. To stand up to those who want to oppress the city. To stand up to those who try to snub out innocence and joy. Yes...I know, he's that optimistic. Almost makes your stomach cringe...I'm sorry. lol. Anyway, during the tour, he will cover the song Riot by Three Days Grace, and with enough OOC cooperation, hopefully we could do just that...a nice city/sim wide riot. And when that happens, Rizzo, up at the mic, watching the chaos unfold, will simply keep singing. I've talked to a couple of business owners, who seem excited about the, feel free to apparently smash the Grind's windows. Lundy likes taping that shit up!! This story idea, as fun as it seems has no chance of really having an impact on the city if no one wants in, so I figured I'd post this topic and get feedback. Every night there's chaos somewhere in the city. A rape here...kidnapping there. Can you imagine if all that chaos was happening all at once, on every block. Sorry not sorry HPD for trying to contain that. I personally think that it would make for good RP. And a few I talk to agree. But something like this, needs more than a few. So tell me what you think. Good idea? Bad idea? Interested? Thanks in advance!


November 21, 2015 at 2:48 pm
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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