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After much thought I have decided that for ooc and ic reasons I am discontinuing Bottoms Up. It saddens me to see it go but it is too expensive (ooc) for little traffic and I want to be able to focus more on one business. It's also hard for Ellis to run two businesses anymore. He can't work the 75+ hrs he once could for many reasons.
I want to thank everyone for all of the RP and stories created around Bottoms Up. It's been awesome! You guys are awesome!
And a special thank you Ellie, for ending my business with a BAM! 😛

The demise of Bottoms Up:

Ellie Vond looked around the street, making sure no one was around. It was the perfect time, nearly the whole town was at that protest. Quiet footsteps were being made as she entered the store. Norman, the NPC worker had been stocking some new bottles away on the shelves. She grabs her knife from the leg band she wore, gripping it tightly in her right hand. Ellie moved towards the man, trying to be as silent as possible. Though the moment she was close enough to him, the floor boards creaked below her. She held her breath in anticipation for the big man to turn around, and as he started to, she lifts the knife and drives it into small of his back. He fought back as much as he could, but it was no use. Ellie, with all the strength she could must in the moment, twisted the knife around so the balde was facing up, then moved it towards the middle of his back. "Happy Thanksgiving, dumbass." She grunts out, pulling the knife from the body. Green eyes watch as he collapses to the ground, blood pouring out.

Ellie takes a few steps back, staring down at the body before her. "Why does he always hire fat guys? That makes no fucking sense to me." She rolled her eyes, shuffling her feet around the body, then rammed the blade into one of his ears. Now, completely satisfied with her work on Norm, she was ready to finish what she came here to do. Ellie moved back out the store, this time, not caring about the noise she made. Her head looks out the doorway, double checking for anyone around. Nothing. Zelch. Nada. How lovely that was to the young woman. She quickly grabs her bat she set down beside the stoop, then closed the door behind her and locking it. She turns around, beginning to hum an unknown tune. Steps towards the cash register were taken before the swinging began. "Alright, let's see what cash I can grab." BAM, she swung the bat, beating the register until it opened up for her. Ellie quickly grabbed whatever cash was there and stuffed it into her bra. She then moves to the the shelves which were stocked full of bottles. Smashing each and every one of them. Liquid began to soak into the wooden floorboards, which will hopefully bring some damage to the store. The present time was being swept away from her, she was having fun. Smashing every little thing in the store was extremely liberating. Ellis deserved this. He deserved to be destroyed, one step at a time. First step was his businesses, well, at least one of them for now.

Ellie decides it was time to take a break. Her left wrist was killing her. The pain was a reminder of what Ellis did to her. He failed in his attempt to kill her, he will now regret failing. She leans against a wall, looking at the mess before. An evil grin began to form on her lips, proud of her progress. The combination of her pride and the pain from her wrist motivated her to continue, which she was thankfully almost finished. Soon, the bat was being swung against the walls and the floor. Taking out as much as she can while moving towards the front. Once she was back to the front, Ellie looked around for the cameras. She didn't even care that she could be seen. Green eyes looked dead straight into each camera. She winked, blew a kiss, then stuck her middle finger up towards them. Soon after, she was smashing each and every one of those. "Happy Fuck You Ellis." She says, laughing the entire time. And with that, the end came to her destruction of the store.

November 22, 2016 at 8:47 pm
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