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Hey all,

So this is an idea I was kicking around and was wondering if  it would gather any interest. I don't currently own land for this idea but if somebody with land wanted to take the idea and run with it---cool! I know there isn't a native tribal settlement currently, but have seen it done before in CD.

Any criticisms or feedback appreciated. My aim is just to throw potential different ideas out there for the sim which cross over between different organizations.

The Idea:  Inspired by the RL events of the Dakota access Pipeline, the reservation would be located as an encampment on ancestral lands of the native Choctaw tribes of Louisiana.

The Issue: Either the land is sitting on oil reserves or it could be that there is a water issue---
with contamination of it by a corporate company who have arrived recently in Hathian [could be RPed by actual players, opening up different dynamics] in effect pissing off the tribe and bringing a whole storm of trouble.
The  arc:

The Choctaw tribe could open their arms and welcome all dissidents, protestors, activists and
anarchists as a means of building up resistance and complaining about their rights being

The Angles:
Different spin on PD conflict.
It grants the PD a different and substantial storyline to grapple with ----long term and with lots of Intel potential.

Private security? PD officers could moon light. In the Dakota Access Pipeline stand off,
police were working against the tribal members, arresting protestors and activists.

Potential for undercover assignments--- informants, police thrown into the camp in disguise/undercover.

Bribery of city council members---to sell out the tribes and their land to the corporation.

Resistance and activists and PD RP could involve acts such as:
Tampering with police equipment/station/electricity and water supplies [OOC perms in place ofc.]

Police raids of the collective
Refusal to move off land
Arrests made between clashes over police and activists....etc and more possibilities

July 31, 2017 at 7:22 pm
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August 1, 2017 at 11:48 am
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