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Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  glanced towards the static camera though she'd edit it out when she got in post,  Then she'd breath slowly before a purse her lips her face turning from the smiley friendly persona she usually showed, whether this was an act who could tell.  She offered a small nod to Matt "whichever wherever lets put on a show"  She heard Tom shout action and nodded to herself. Her drawl would still be very prevelant, "Look sweetheart, you're meant to be a damn bouncer and control shit, so fucking do your job."  She'd point a well manicured finger towards Matt  "Stop being such a lazy prick and get on with it."  She'd look like an ice bitch with a real glare."

Matt Carthage   eyed the blond as he stood there, waiting for the 'off', a brow raising when he saw her face change, that haughty and cold look being pulled over her features. It was game on, then. Here goes nothing. Keeping his face neutral, and friendly he stared at Lisa, lips pressing together as she called him out for being lazy, green eyes narrowing. "Yeah, cos you don't slack off and go finger yourself in your office when you're supposed to be workin', at all do ya? Boss..." he put the emphasis on 'boss', speaking it like it was a taunt, a smirk curling as he turned away, looking as if he was about to walk away from her. Ignoring the camera, he took a couple steps, forcing himself to focus his mind on the job, the role and nothing else.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  watched Matt her eyes narrowed as he walked, she'd sniff a little then take a step closer to the man, she try and make herself a whole heap taller okay that wasn't going to be happening she was always pretty much in heels.  "Yeah thats right i'm the boss and you do what I pay you to do and if I wanted to fuck a football team in my office it's my business."  She'd try and poke his chest with one of her fingers on her right hand. "Now why don't you get on and do your fucking job."  She would step even closer now.  "So you going to get on with shit or keep being a lazy fucker."  The straight face would turn to a smile, "If you don't want the job you know where the door is, i'll kick your worthless ass out of it."

Matt Carthage   paused and turned back as Lisa spoke, a scowl creasing his lips, the look on his face turning into a pissed off one as she jabbed a finger in his chest, told him that what she did was none of his business. "It -is- my business when you call me fuckin' lazy for takin' a five minute smoke break, when takin' breaks is all you ever do!" he countered, taking a step back towards her now, glaring at her. Hearing her speak again, threatening to fire him, his eyes widened in shock, and looking like he couldn't believe she'd just said that, he shook his head. "You think you gonna kick me out? You....an' who's fuckin' army, bitch? I 'aint noin' nowhere!" he'd seem to snap then, a hand coming up fast to wrap fingers round her throat if he could, and he'd shove her back with the hold on her throat, taking steps as he pushed her, to have her slam hard up against the wall. The look on his face turned to a vicious one as he began to manhandle her, kicking things off.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  knew it would kick off soon and was stilling and readying herself, one advantage she had was she knew she could put on a fight and would try, yeah she wouldn't win but Matt wouldn't get off easy and she suspected he'd like it that way,  a tilt of her head would happen as she waited her foot tapping slightly even though she wasn't expecting it to be for long but it was all for show.  Of course she wouldn't be able to stop the grab for her neck though now she did fight back her hands trying to push him off but her legs would be flailing too though the force wouldn't be great as the wind was taken out of her as she made contact with the wall.  "I'll fucking show you ...you...bastard."  She'd keep struggling though she was struggling a little to catch air.

Matt Carthage   knew the girl would fight. She'd said she would, so he was prepared for her struggles, and, in truth, this was already starting to become an unnervingly familiar situation for him. So much so, that he began to slip back into old habits as she kicked off, her hands coming up to try and shove him off. The grip he had on her throat began to squeeze a little tighter then, and gritting his teeth from the effort of keeping his hold on her he'd push himself closer, though her hands did keep him back some, one of her feet striking him on the shin as he growled "Bitch! Fuckin' show me? I dun think so, darlin'. You 'aint got nothin' to show me that i 'aint seen in your office already..." his face leered in on hers then. "Maybe if you actually got fuckin' laid, ya wouldn't feel the need to slack off an' finger your cunt in the office every five fuckin' minutes..." he smirked menacingly at her now, adding "maybe thats why you're such a heinous bitch, huh? Maybe ya just need a stiff dick up ya ass to get you all loose an' relaxed. How about we give ya one, huh? How about your employee gives you exactly what you fuckin' want?" he'd release her throat with that, and would attempt to grab both sides of the neck of her dress, all his weight put into ripping it apart so her tits would be exposed

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  gasped in air, barely as her throat closed she didn't want to pass out after all a good fight and take down looked amazing on camera but a pass out would mean cutting the shit out of the film and that made her post prod harder, as he spoke the words she'd have been saying hell yes please normally but she shook it off her face and remained the iced queen.  She'd rigged the dress stitching to rip easy as her tits would indeed be exposed, the flesh bouncing as he did it, then defiance would be back in her voice with a curled lip.  "That the best you got fucker."  She'd grunt then run at him aiming to take him off balance the flaps of the top of dress would be moving and shimmying over her hips, she'd be making a run if she could towards the bar.  Not that she'd tell him but she'd be aiming to get something to hit him with.  Though she'd be moving slowly on wobbly feet.

Matt Carthage   glared at the blond, savagely ripping the top of her dress, feeling the fabruic tear easily in his hands, surprisingly easy, but despite not having any idea she'd rigged her dress, his face remained angry, his hands releasing her as her tits swung free. His gaze shifted to down to eyefuck them, and for that reason he was taken off guard as she ran at him, eyes snapping back up a moment too late, her body barging past him, knocking one shoulder, making him stumble back. "Bitch! Where ya think you're goin' huh?" he took a moment to right himself, giving her a couple steps head start then he turned and lurched off after her, his long legs taking him closer as she neared the bar. "You 'aint gonna get away from me, boss. We got fuckin' word to do, remember?" he taunted her, and coming up behind her as she moved behind the bar he'd reach both hands to try and grab both of her upper arms, and if he managed to he'd try and swing her instantly to throw her upper body over the flat of the bar next to him.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  bit her lip she didn't mean to but things were hotting up and well she was finding it hard to keep up her bitch act but she would.  "asshole" she'd whisper she actually hadn't done a bad job at refraining from using that name her lips would be curled into a snear though when she got slammed into the bar, fuck that actually really did hurt enough to make her eye water.  A deep breath would be taken in though it was a real shuddered breath, "bastard" another word whispered.  She wouldn't fight back not this time cause she knew full well that slam was going to bruise and she was still barely able to keep things together.

Matt Carthage   was starting to enjoy himself too, his dick twitching in his pants, coming alive at the familiar play they were acting out. He wouldn't admit it to her, but this kind of scene was one he'd acted on with a lot of girls in his past. Though most of the girls, okay...all of the girls he'd treated like this had not been so willing. Still, he was doing a good job at keeping his 'dark side' down, his focus more on doing a good job than having fun. Cos his type of fun...there always ended up being blood shed and he doubted that was needed or wanted today. His grip tightened on her arms as he slammed the girl down on the bar, being none too gentle as he now pressed her arms cruelly onto her back, both being forcibly held by one, as the other moved to his jeans, his belt unbuckled with a tinkle. He leaned over her, giving the camera a good shot of his leering face as it moved close to her and he'd growl "you pissed off the wrong employee, boss. Ya shoulda just kept your mouth shut, an' ya fingers in ya pussy...but no. No, you wanted to be a mouthy little cunt, actin' all betty big boots when really you're just a jumped up little slut who has no business runnin' a bar..." while he spoke to her, he'd grab one end of his belt, ripping it from his jeans with a whir, the thick leather length bought up to her arms and he'd start to tie it round her upper arms, tightly, without releasing her much from his grip, his weight bent over her as a second way of keeping her down. He wasn't gentle, the leather wrapped round her arms, before he finally did let her go, rising up again, the belt threaded through the metal clasp and secured tightly so she'd not be able to use her arms much, semi hard bulge in his jeans grinding against her ass.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  exhaled she couldnt fight back  and didn't want to now the'd get to the things that would be great closeup.  "you're going to show me prick are you." way to go she was uncomfortable but she was definitely turned on.  Her cunt was definitely getting wet, though she hadn't taken any chances if he looked closely her asshole was prepped for anal because, rough good damage got in the way of business and fun.  She winced, because he wasn't being gentle but it kept things authentic.  She pursed her lips, a deep breath taken in because she felt like she light headed, her eyes closed as he had definitely overpowered her.

Matt Carthage   let her arms go completely now, meaty hands moving down to her ass, and hooking his fingers in the torn flaps of her dress he'd yank the clothing down roughly, pulling it down and off over her ass, to expose her fully. Green eyes slid over her plump asscheeks and his tongue slid lecherously over his lower lip, a smirk curling as he eyed her ass, looking to see if she was wearing panties, though hearing her speak then his gaze flicked back up and he reached to grab a hold of her hair, winding some round his hand before he tried to yank her back towards him, roughly, pulling her upright and her head back. "Yeah, bitch..." he growled, grinning wickedly as he bought his lips to her ear, though he kept his voice loud enough for the camera. "I'm gonna show you every fuckin' thing, an' make ya feel every fuckin' thing...just like a good employee should...." he lifted his free hand then and slid it round her front, groping one of her breasts, the nipple twisted and pinched cruelly

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  growled why she growled had not clue but hopefully it'd sound good on audio, her voice breaking she had to keep the act up somehow.  "fucking lazy bastard like you surprised you can be ass."  It was clear her resolve was dropping and fast, then as her hair was pulled she'd breath gently as she listened though her pulse was racing now, all her curves now on show, then back into character the drift shook out.  "do your worst prick."  Though her voice would wobble as his hand reached her nipple.  Then a wiggle this was totally on purpose, it was a tease as if to say c'mon lets have it.  "You man enough..."  Yes she might have just grabbed a tiger by the tail but hey it was for art or business or something like that.

Matt Carthage   smirked as he heard her call him a lazy bastard and leering at her, pawing her breast he growled back "oh imma show you just how lazy i 'aint..." he let her breast go then, using the grip he had in her hair to try and forcibly yank her down to her knees on the floor in front of him, her taunt for him to do his worst making him growl "shut the fuck up..." free hand now going to his jeans and he unbuttoned them, yanking the zip down, his thick, semi hard lengh being exposed. Clearly, he was wearing no pants underneath, himself. Wrapping meaty fingers round his own dick, he began to tug it to hardness, glaring down at her coldly, his jeans sagging round his thick thighs. "You gonna learn just who's the fuckin' boss today..."

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  was gasping in breaths now, the act breaking to the point where when he pushed her she'd go down like a controlled ragdoll.  Though her knees would still hit the stone floor with a bang, she'd yelp and then shake her head the last bit of defiance then would leave her with her words, "you're not the fucking boss....I am prick."  she'd growl, "If you actually got on with things rather than threaten, well fuck then you might actually get somewhere."  Though her eyes would be hungry and her lips parted slightly, Jelly like it rough pain once she'd taken it in just got her engines running faster.  She'd manage a final word her lips curled into a snarled smile.  "asshole."

Matt Carthage   felt his dick twitch and awaken more in his hand, and then he released it to bend down, bringing his face close to hers as she spat vile words at him, her spirited denial of the fact that he was the boss amusing him. He knew he could do what he wanted with her, if he chose, knew he could hurt her, turn the table on her, go off role, and let his darkerside come out to play. He'd handle the camerman if he had to. But he needed the money the job gave him and in the process of tryingto turn over a new leaf anyway, he chose not to. Even so, the power he felt right now, in having her where he wanted her, made his dick swell. His hand lifted slightly before he whipped it down again on the side of her face, slapping her roughly though not as hard as he could have and he growled "i told you to shut the fuck up. There's only one thing a bitch like you deserves to comin' out of her lips an' thats cum..." he'd press his tongue to the side of her face then, and lick all the way up to her ear, sucking her earlobe beofre he straightened up again quickly, a faint smirk curling as she called him asshole again, fingers grasping the base of his cock, and attempting to yank her, by the hair, towards his groin, he'd try to shove his dick between her parted lips and balls deep into her throat.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  breathing shuddered, she noticed that there was something in him she couldn't work out what she was excited and scared in equal measure,  part of her wanted to stay in roll and push but her pulse raced at that thought.  She shivered but there was the face slap caught her off guard, a look of stunned shot crossing her features as the red mark bloomed on her cheek. Her eyes trailed to his feet she was trying to get herself together though when her eyes looked back there was a softness in her gaze she really wasn't acting she was going to get into the sex because that, that was safe in her mind.  She opened her lips to accept his dick but even someone expecting it would still choke and gag, she'd be focusing trying to relax but he would be aware that she struggling to get him down at least at first before she could relax enough to let him him, her face reddening with the effort as a little bit of saliva dropping down off her lip.

Matt Carthage   would shove his dick all the way into her throat, not caring if she gagged or choked on it, his eyes trained down on her face as he did this, one hand wound in her hair, the other gripping the base of his dick with finger and thumb. He shoved it deep, till her nose was nudging his navel and then he'd hold her right there, staring down at her as she gagged anc coughed, her face reddening. He knew she'd be trying to breath around his thick length and he let her fail at that for a moment before he yanked her head back up again, giving her a gasp of breath. But only one or two though, before he was shoving his dick back in her throat, his hand coming off it now and he began to firmly fuck her throat with slow, deep thrusts, holding for a second or two with it in her throat, before he'd pull back, giving her another breath of air. He saw the softness in her face now, knew that she was faltering in her role and he growled "thats it, little slut, fuckin' choke on it. Glug it down like the faithful little: cocksucker you pretend you're not..."

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  eyes had gone from watering to small tears falling down her face, though she wasn't crying for all the work she'd done and different blow jobs no one really got used to the force facefuck though she found a peace in it.  She felt his hand on her head, holding her in place there'd be panic there, he'd feel that as she looked up into his eyes he'd see it then they'd close as she tried to keep enough air in her lungs but she'd be failing and start to struggle trying to pull her head back even though there'd be no movement he'd likely feel the resistance in her anyway, when she was allowed air she would be heaving in a breath but wouldn't close her mouth at all, but when he growled those words she snapped a little and would put more effort into pulling away from him but she wouldn't stop the sex.

Matt Carthage   thrust himself into her mouth six, seven times, the feel of her warm, wet throat making his breath hitch, and he couldn't help but groan, tip his head back as he took pleasure in her for a moment. But only a moment, his head lifting again after a moment feeling the fight in her, the panic and he'd yank her back off his dick again, giving her the air back. He dropped his gaze onto her face again then, smirking as he felt her start to fight him again, and with that he'd try to yank her back up to her feet, the sight of her tear streaming face making his balls tingle. He tried not to think about it though, about how much he liked seeing her tear filled eyes, just continuing on with the play, the hand in her hair pulling up roughly and if he managed to get her to her feet he'd try and shove her back down over that bar again, hand lifting as he shifted aside to swing down and spank her ass hard as he could.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  saliva was dripping down her chin by now her eyes and face would look a mixture of arousal, fear then a crossing that it'd make good money on the website she did try and fight a little if you call just trying to get away from him though that'd be a weak attempt as she'd put in so much effort trying to keep enough air into her lungs, now part of the struggle was actually practical because trying to get her hands on his arms would help her get to her feet without her losing clumps of hair though now she was wobbling on really shaky legs the heels proving a hindrence as she tried to get enough balance to react but she couldn't then another bruising slam onto the bar and she couldn't focus, pain, pain was being turned into arousal and when she felt his hand come down on her ass leaving a bright handprint she moaned, though her face would go a into one of those surprised did you really do that shit.   She'd still try and wiggle away but barely moving  as her energy was dropping.

Matt Carthage   was getting into it now, his aggressive side coming out more, his dick hard as rock, and as he slammed her back over the bar, spanking her ass he'd reach down to grab his dick again, guiding the tip, fast, to her ass, and then he'd bee pressing. Pushing the tip of his dick at her asshole, which he had noticed earlier, looked 'primed' for his use. He was a guy that liked ass, had developed a taste for it over the years, though when he was horny, any hole would do. Right now though, he wanted her ass, so pressing the tip of his dick to her wet pussy, he'd use her own juices, sliding them up, to lube his tip before he suddenly shoved himself in, balls deep, inside her, a pleasured hiss given as he felt her hole wrap round him. "Fuck!" he wasn't about to stop there though, and he instantly started to fuck her, his thrusts firm, rough, but slow, just like he'd fucked her mouth, holding a couple seconds when he was buried inside her before he was pulling back out again. He used the hand in her hair to tug her back on him, groaning as pleasure washed through him.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  was aroused it'd be clear in the final cut her body had a flush, her face while a mess visable that she'd be pushing back even though she actually had a serious amount of pain blooming all through her body.  When she was slammed into the bar again this time the wince was full of pain and fully authentic though shit she didn't want to she moaned when her ass got another slap she'd likely be bruised tomorrow but it was worth it to make an amazing movie.  Then the movie drifted from her mind, she grunted when he forced his cock into her, no amount of prep could prep an asshole for this kind of onslaught and yet she'd be wetter than ever the slamming against the bar arousing her more.  "Fuck" she'd actually finally manage to get a word out that was audible, she matched Matt now she was fully aware that the arch of her back would show off her tits as he grabbed her hair.   She was in role but now the role had changed, "fuck teach me a lesson, thats it."  then she'd bang her butt back so he'd hopefully feel like he was going deeper.

Matt Carthage   wasn't nervous anymore, the play loosening him up fully by now, and as he began to fuck her ass, he'd tug her back by her hair with every thrust, his thick length stretching her ass everytime it plunged inside her. He could hear the lust in her voice now, hear her 'role' change and he smirked, feeling her ass bounce back and he bent over her, pinning her body down with his weight, though keeping her head up, face exposed for the camera, while giving the viewers the equisite sight from behind, of his dick pummeling into her asshole, her exposed pussy below it, his legs parted enough to show it off. "Hmm, ya like my dick in your ass dun ya?" he growled, smirking as he muttered in her ear "ya like that, ya filthy little cumdump?" his breath hitched then as he began to speed up in fucking her, his balls slapping against her pussy with every thrust, body rising back up and he'd start to fuck her harder now, and faster too, his thrusts punishing in their intensity, free hand reaching for her shoulder, fingers hooking over it, using it to pull her back onto him.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  thoughts were moving from full clarity to fuck where am I , she'd try to shake her head when he called her a cumdump he'd feel the struggle and yet body was on fire, her pussy like liquid, she was aware of the camera guy getting closer to her, so she put on a show for the camera.  "That all you got prick" the words just before he sped up and yet they were out there, she let out a loud growl, "fuck me, use my dirty little asshole."  She winced because that speed did hurt the pain making the world clear for a moment in that clear moment she'd gasp in a deep breath through her open mouth before she'd start making gutteral noises at every thrust, "fuck fuck fuck"  He'd know from the heat his balls met from her pussy that she'd be close to tipping and yet she was fighting it with all her willpower, "fuck me harder, take your cunt boss down."   Her breathing becoming more like random gasps.

Matt Carthage   began to grunt with every punishing thrust he sent into her, the sound of slapping flesh filling the air as he pounded her hard over the bar, one hand in her hair, one hooked over her shoulder. Though hearing her ask if that was all he had, he'd unwind his hand from her golden locks, and release her shoulder, spine straightening as he reached down to rip his top off, tossing it down onto the ground. He also kicked his shoes off, pausing in thrusting inside her a moment, to kick his jeans off and away before he started to fuck her again, and just as hard, a hand lifting to slap her ass hard again as he set off at another fast pace both hands falling to her hips, and he'd grab them tight, yanking her back on him. "Fuck yeah, ya like that dun ya? You gonna cum all over this bar for me, little bitch?" he heard the string of expletives leave her mouth then and felt the heat in her body and he pulled one hand off her hip, leaning over her slightly so he could reach under her, start to stroke her clit fast, in time to his furious thrusts as she told him to fuck her harder. "Go on, bitch. Cum for me. Come on, lets see what ya got for me..." the other hand lifted from her hip and he leaned himself over her now, lifting his ass and dropping it, sending his dick into her hard, over and over as his free hand wrapped round her throat now, squeezing slightly, though not enough to completely cut her air off.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  closed her eyes for a moment, trying to still her mind though she was still aware of the camera close she wouldn't let this drop if she could but she needed to be aware of the camera man and making sure he did get the right shot, her heels were rocking back and forth with the force almost lifting her off her feet.  She'd started to look pained her mouth slack as she felt the pressure build inside her, she was close to seeing stars so when he started with more stimuli she lost it her eyes rolling into the back of her head she started to moan gently, "fuck fuck."  Then she screwed her eyes up with a scream, that would develop into a howl her body literally shaking with the tension as her muscles contracted.   Finally she'd choke in a little air though her lungs had almost burned up.  "fuck."  she'd whisper though the words were more a hoarse choke.  She'd blink she was trying to get enough thoughts flying through her to say something so she'd pause but with a small sigh grin, "you can do better than that."  The words she was saying now croak.  Her body was aching, in pain and yet she'd goad him for more, the more he did the bigger his brand.  Yep she'd managed to get enough together to make business thoughts.  "you know you can do better you want to prove it to bitch cunt boss, I know you do."

Matt Carthage   was breathing heavily by now, his whole body feeling the pleasure her own was giving him. His skin literally ached with the pleasure he felt, waves of it crashing through him, making sweat bead on his brow and on his back and his legs were starting to feel the burn of keeping up the action of driving his dick into her. He was used to that feeling though with how many times he'd fucked someone, but even so, the muscles in his thighs burned as he sent another punishing thrust into her, hands on her throat and on her clit, fingers stroking and caressing that little nub by her pussy, that he knew could bring her to orgasm. Her heard her curse, could feel her body squirming underneath him and he groaned himself now, her loud cry of orgasm making his balls ache. He was nearing his own end too, but having been in 'the business' a long time, he had good stamina. He felt her ass clench his dick as she came, her breathless words after making him growl and his response would be to tear out of her ass suddenly, hands releasing her throat and pulling away from her clit now to manhandle her thighs, rolling her over onto her back if he could. And there he'd leave her, tearing away from her then, to round the bar, and he'd reach to hook his hands under her arms, grunting as he yanked her roughly back towards him a little, enough so that her head would be hanging off the other side of the bar. "You want more?" he growled, reaching down with one hand to grab her throat, the other moving to grip the base of his cock and he'd growl "open your fuckin' mouth!" and if she did he'd shove his ass tainted dick deep into her throat again. This time he wouldn't be firm and slow, this time he'd be brutal and fast, and he'd fuck her mouth almost as hard as he'd fucked her ass.

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  was so full of adrenalin, that she was on a buzzing high and if her gaze had been checked you'd have been sure she was on drugs and yet it was just the sex doing it, raw and powerful it could make a sane person behave like a an animal.  Her bones were like jelly, maybe that was why she had a nickname like she did and he'd have no issue man handling her in any way.  She'd lick her lips for that moment before he fucked her throat she was trying to find a zen place knowing what was coming.  Her mouth would be opened wide though her hands would curl in their binds, to the point it looked like she was on a white knuckle ride.  She'd still be making those gurgling, choking noises tears forming in her eyes as she tried to keep breath going into her lungs.  She was a pro and wanted a reaction from him when she'd finally aclimatised she'd start to try and contract her throat make it tighter for him, it wasn't easy for her.  She'd be gulping too all to give him sensation and while not really visible to the camera which she could feel was close to her face by now she would be looking like she was working like a real trouper.

Matt Carthage   grunted now as he fucked her face, his balls slapping her nose with every thrust, one hand on her throat, holding her in place, the other peeling off his dick. Knowing they needed the money shot now, he focused on his own pleasure, his body already throbbing with it but he just needed a little more, his head tipping back as he thrust balls deep into her throat, again and again and again, sweat trickling down his back. He felt her working though, her throat undulating around him, squirming, warm and wet and he hissed in pleasure, lifted his head so he could look down at her now, letting the camera see all the pleasure he felt, written on her face. "Fuck! Oh yeah...thats....it...fuckin'...whore...." he could feel it coming and some pre cum would leak out into her mouth before he yanked his dick out of her throat, suddenly, hand releasing her throat to move to her hair as he bent, trying to tug her head up slightly for the camera, the other hand grabbing his own dick now and he pumped it hard, his grip tight on his own length, tip pointed right at her face seconds before he came hard, teeth gritting, his dick spewing it's white seed all over her face and neck and one splatter reaching her chest. He cried out loudly, moaning as he came, his body twitching slightly, toes curling

Lisa 'Jelly' Wilson  face wouldn't just be stained with precum, there'd be saliva she'd look a smeared mess,  Jelly was barely able to focus right now so when he lifted her head she'd thank him another time for the camera angle but like a pro she'd open her mouth with her tongue out, eventually opening her eyes with one of those fake dreamy smile on her lips that you oft see in porn.  She wouldn't normally smile she'd be just too boneless and exhausted to do that but it was there for the perfect money shot, she'd be waiting for him to finish for the streams to stop hitting her before she did one of those lavacious licks of her lips as if she was savouring something amazing.  She would keep the licking her lips then grin.  "mhmm"  she'd say before exhaling slowly trying to get herself back on an even keel.  "fuck."  she'd whisper hoarsly before shifting a little because that position wasn't the most comfortable but she wouldn't want to do that too early.  Then for a moment her eyes would close deep in thought there was a niggle but she'd leave her eyes closed so it looked like she was in post sex bliss.   Then she opened them and stared towards the camera a broad grin on her lips.

Matt Carthage  's masturbating hand slowed to a stop as he came, heavy breaths tearing from him, his shaky legs threatening to buckle. He managed to keep himself up though, the hand in her hair releasing now, and he slapped it onto the bar for support, his body stepping back from her now, a weak smile curling at the sight of her ruined state. "Now ya know...." he muttered breathlessly "...you ever threaten my job again, imma take it an' shove it up ya ass...an' you'll love every second of it..." he'd grin and then back off, moving out of shot, letting the final shot be hers, hand peeling off his wilting dick as he leaned against the wall.

--Cue closing credits--

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