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[08:10] Jackson Lysette was allowing his mind to wander for a moment then, the various designs that he'd been considering for the piece passing through his thoughts. Her voice would snap him out of the brief internal critique that he was giving to the latest idea, his brows darting upwards as he listened to her suggestion. Unable to help himself, a grin of his own spread across his lips, moving as if to match her own. "Mhm... really show I care, huh?" He'd lift his tattooed left arm, gesturing towards his chest. "Just up around here...?" An expectant look fell across his face, his eyes following her face, the expression upon her face making him almost wonder if he should be concerned about how he was going to be getting back out of the shop.

[08:19] Genesis Moreno might have been just a tad too pushy. The teensiest bit really. Minute, you could say. But, damnit, she was bored to tears. And since when had a little peer pressure ever /really/ hurt anyone, right? A terrible way to go about thinking of it.

The pen lulled from one side to the other as she balanced the utensil between two long digits, the bit of idle play stopping the moment he spoke up and once more the Christmas day excitement brightened her features, her lips pulling with a pearly lopsided smile. "Just right there!" The words were likely a little too loud as she straightened herself and pushed from the desk, her free hand reaching to her own chest letting an acrylic nail trail just below her collar. "Keepin' it classy, ya' know, doll. Nice lil rhinestones, somethin' cute she hopefully won't rip out. Or you. Don't rip 'em out. But shit be cute~ as hell!"

A giggle came from her that in true fashion was punctuated with a less than lady-like snort, a nod of her head while her gaze dropped the the peek of skin that shown from his collar while a mental map began work a bit too prematurely.

[08:28] Colt 'Coyote' Carson stands outside the shop, peering inside at the people at work. Going through a major life change, he wanted something to mark the occasion and keep the memory fresh in his head for his new life going forward. Several moments of indecision keep him pacing until he finally pulls out his card and sets it just inside the door on the main counter, smiling at the woman before turning around. "When you're free" is all he says before heading next door to get a drink. The last thing he wanted to watch was some dude getting his shlong tattooed or something like that.

[08:30] Jackson Lysette kept that hand up at his chest, his fingers curling inward to pull at the collar of his shirt, exposing a little more of the wolf that was tattooed there on to the left side of his chest. He couldn't help the way that his grin had grown in response to the obvious excitement that came from the girl as he played into her ideas. A few little nods of his head would come as she continued to speak, mhm-ing at her words. "Classy, cute..." He repeated, his lips twitching as he resisted the urge to break out into laughter. "I don't know, I was rather set on the tattoo idea." The sound of another person entering the shop would cut his act short for the moment, his eyes shifting over to watch the man enter and step forward to place his card down. Waiting then, until the new arrival had taken his leave, would he return his attention the girl. "But then again... rhinestones..."

[09:36] Colt 'Coyote' Carson had made up his mind after a few more laps around town. He was back and willing to wait. He takes a seat and nods to the gentlemen ahead of him then rifles the magazines on the table, letting the girl know, "I'd like some metal if you have the time today." He ashes his smoke and returns to thumbing through the book.

[09:44] Genesis Moreno could have been one of those cases of people being too used to the pain of a needle tearing through skin. Something like those people who managed to tell people tattoos didn't actually hurt with a straight face. People who lied that way really did have a very special circle of hell just for them.

Her lips pursed at his words giving no mind to a response. He wasn't wrong really. Refer back to the aforementioned well dressed perpetrators. Manicured talons let the pen roll from her fingers to instead let her hands fall only to slip into her back pockets just as the man who still looked like a customer to her raised his hand. It wouldn't stop that tinge of disappointment that found her features once more. "Lame..." she muttered the single word under her breath, a pout coming over her lips.

Here she'd thought herself ready for a TV car lot with how she was talking up the idea of the subdermals. And apparently he did too. Never one to turn her nose up at a nice little stroke to her ego, her hands left their denim nests to reach to either side of herself, legs crossing in the utmost theatrical show of a bow she could possibly manage. "Just your friendly neighborhood stabber for hire. All in a day's work, doll."

The show would be short lived as the suit clad man reappeared prompting a glance to the desk where that card still laid, the promise of work enough to put her into gear. The pen taken once more in hand was thrown into work as she turned her attention to the book, making a small note in the margin before turning back to the man who hadn't quite fallen for her entirely eloquent persuasions. "How about I'mma talk to the next artist I see and maybe you can get somebody that'll be able to do that work for you. For now..." Her words trailed off as she laid the pen to the side in lieu of the card, taking a step toward the stranger that seemed just a touch out of place in the shop.

[09:54] Jackson Lysette found his attention was once more being taken by the sound of an arrival into the shop, his head turning to take in the sight of the same man as earlier. Returning that nodded greeting with one of his own, he would turn his focus back to the girl before him. Unable to resist, he'd let out a brief chuckle when he heard that disappointed muttering, the amusement continuing on somewhat when she threw in that bow. "...and I here I thought stabbers in Hathian would be unpleasant people," he mused, grinning widely. Once she'd moved on from the attempted persuasions, he'd give a nod to the mention of an artist. "Sounds good. I'll come by later in the week, hopefully I might be able to catch someone," he mused, taking a step towards the door once the girl had moved towards the new arrival.

[09:56] Colt 'Coyote' Carson stands as the man moves, already getting down to business. It wasn't really like he had all day. There were crimes to do and sushi to be eaten. Already comfortable with his body, he starts to remove his coat and unbuttons his shirt, knowing this wasn't something he could do fully clothed. He gives Lysette another polite nod and starts to drop his pants.

[09:58] Gael 乙єяσ had hoped for a quiet day, thats why he was hiding in plain view right on the bridge, but noo, Colt had to walk right in the street and mess up his perfectly quiet morning. And now? Now he had to stay out of sight, with was not an easy task, unless he desired to come way from across the other side. He was lazy. So no, he used the graveyard, slither down, fucked uo his uniform when he ripped right over a sharp stone or something, now he sported a limp in his leg thanks to the stab from Max AND a cut in his pants. Grumble grumble. Well he could go all ninja here and move into the alley, but then he wouldn't be able to listen to a word that was said! So he decided to go another route and placed himself near the door, that was out of sight, right? Just not for those that just came outside, or any one passing by, who cares. He was in position! Back up only though.

[10:01] Asmus 乙єяσ had been texting with Gael while the guy had been hiding in plain Gael, didnt always work! Said by the pro...Ok not, but they had texted and they had arranged how to do this and they knew PA didnt have a back door they had to cover. He had been down by slims when the texting had started but soon he turned and walked up Bourbon. He spotted Gael as the guy crossed the street and by the time Gael was by the door and able to listen in this guy was standing back just a tad so the ones inside couldnt see him through the window. Colt was in there, but they didnt know if Ira was...those two rarely parted after all.

[10:02] Genesis Moreno couldn't help the second snorted giggle as the man comment on her word choice, a hand raising to let the long manicured digits dismiss the assumption. "Now that's jus' rude. I'm a people person, ain'chu' know?" Her lips stretched into that pearly smile once more, humming her approval as she nodded. "Good luck! Come show me sometime." And with that, the almost blackened hue of her eyes turned for the new face that promise some cash flow.

"Aight, dollface! Whatcha' ne--" Her words cut short as it registered he was stripping down , a cock of her head following a long sigh. "Okay. So whatcha' need?" Her lips pulled with that customer service smile she tried for albeit a bit lopsided.

[10:07] Colt 'Coyote' Carson shrugs, "I dunno.. what do you call that row of studs that run up the bottom of the shaft?" As founder and organizer of the local annual nudist day in Hathian, Coyote has no shame in pushing the boxers down around his ankle to show off the tool in questions. "I figured that would be kinda cool, right? Chicks are supposed to like the extra stimulation.... not like I need any help there, ya know... but a man's not a man if he don't do his best." He lifts his junk up and slaps it around a bit, asking, "How many do you think it would take? It gets bigger, by the way.... lots bigger."

[10:09] Jackson Lysette couldn't help the way his brows darted upwards when the other man in the shop began disrobing, though he'd manage to rearrange his features into a grin in response to the girl's comment about being a people person, before he'd drop his head into a nod at that last request before stepping out into the street - hopefully avoiding being accosted by anyone outside as it was time for his writer to head off to bed.

[10:09] Gael 乙єяσ was really glad he wasn't on the other side, well he -would- be glad if he knew Colt was standing there with his junk out. He just remained standing here, doing nothing, just waiting for the show to get on the road.

[10:13] Asmus 乙єяσ had Colt on his top 5 at least over fucking annoying criminals that always had to be arrested for doing whatever shit the guy was always doing. BUT that had meant IDing the guy to the Brudy case had been easier than easy, Ira too. Now him and Gael were here tho, Gael stood his ground and this guy put his hand on his gun as he stepped into view. He wasnt taking a Sunday stroll, no it was big steps and he looked through the window as he did so. What he didnt think he would ever see was what he saw and yes it did have him blink. He didnt stop tho and soon enough he stepped through the door " Colt put your hands up and be smart" came as a bark as he looked directly at the guy...nope, he wasnt looking down

[10:15] Genesis Moreno had begun her day dreading the quiet she was sure would settle in the shop as it had the last few morning. And the nice little surprises, even if a tease from the button-up, had been an exciting change of pace.

Until this. The more the man's words continued, the higher her hands raised before they were pressing to her temples, another long sigh falling from her lips. "A ladder. You trynna' get a ladder. Aight~" That word dragged on though when the briefs dropped, she promptly turned on her heel and started for the desk, slipping behind it and snatching a pair of gloves along with a mask with no time wasted putting on said protection. Dick piercings were still completely beyond her. "Dollface, how about we jus' wing it instead of dick-copterin' all in the middle of the shop. That jus' ain't sanitary, I'on't think. Come on." A jerk of her chin gestured for the back chair, her lips parting to mention something about a covering so bare ass didn't taint the leather.

[10:18] Colt 'Coyote' Carson puts his hands up.... but that wasn't the only thing. The piercing artist was pretty fucking hot and as a freshly divorced male with some serious grudgefucking to catch up on, his cock stands at attention, too. She needed to know what she was working with, after all. He gives Genesis an apologetic grin and says, "That's fine, sugar.... looks like you might have a week or so to practice, anyway..." Back to Asmus, he smirks, "C'mon.. you know you wanna..." Already, he was looking around for any sort of improvised weapon... besides the one standing at attention between his legs.
[10:21] Gael 乙єяσ wanted to look! He wanted to look, crack jokes and just fuck this entire situation up! Like that dick could be a serious weapon, could even be something to the like of a firehose! But alas, he had -no- idea about a dick being out there, or Colt being a recent divorced man. Asmus going inside and he felt like a complete jerk there and then, so fuck it, he moved around the door and stood at the doorway, being all impressive with his tall ass self, when.... yep, cock and Gael did look, smirking,"Thats a bio-weapon right here" he muttered.

[10:23] Genesis Moreno had been a bit thrown off at the sudden tossed about dick that she'd somehow missed the large cop barreling up the steps into the shop though when her apparent morning slack brain caught up, she paused with the mask in hand. Dark eyes narrowed, bouncing between the half nude man and the cop suddenly joined by a second a moment before settling on the latter. "Come on, sug'. Y'all fuckin' with business. Can I get paid first?" A stupid question she knew the answer to but just couldn't help but to ask.

The mask tossed onto the counter, her eyes snapped to the man offering a droll stare at what she assumed was an attempt to cheer her up. Spoilers: it wasn't quite working. "I'mma charge you extra for bein' a whole ass mess and a half."

[10:24] Asmus 乙єяσ had to have his attention on Colt but he didnt miss the fact there were a girl behind the counter. He didnt know her, she could start trouble and he was just about to tell her to step away from the counter when Colts hands and....well...went up...Great...Perfect! This was just what he fucking needed Colt! Gael was behind him tossing out....a joke and it was rather funny IF this guy wasnt about to be the guy that had to walk over there! " If you want to see me puke then yes"oh a semi joke well look at that. He did start to move closer tho " step over to the wall, hands on it and spread your legs. I'm sure thats something you can handle" Colts cloths was right there and he knew the guy at times were armed. If Colt stepped back at least then he would lean down and scoop the cloths across the couch, if that was where it was as he moved towards the guy but no he didnt take his gaze off of Colt....s head on top of the shoulders.

[10:29] Colt 'Coyote' Carson was never without a weapon, but today his gun was out being cleaned or something. The straight razor that had rested in his trouser pocket was way too far to reach before the cop could get on top of things so he used his only defense possible, loosening his sphincter to try and send a stream of urine at the officer. Except anyone with a cock knows... they don't work like that when hard. A slow dribble of piss trickles to the floor at his feet and he almost cries. "Shit.... so much for that." He hooks a foot under the coffee table and kicks up as hard as he can, launching it towards the cop before turn to try to make it upstairs. Why people always went 'up' when chased was a great mystery... he had no idea if there was any escape up there or not.

[10:33] Gael 乙єяσ looked at Genesis, shaking his head,"Nope, he's wanted, but hey, feel free to come down the station and finish it there" Might not be a good idea, the cells weren't all that clean, but for Gaels entertainment, do so! But Colt seem to have other ideas, dude was half way peeing and thank fuck he wasn't peeing for real, any one with a dick indeed knows that when peeing then, it would go EVERYWHERE. Yea. Been there, done that. Still, even when Colt kicked that table and went for the stairs, he sighed, way amused,"Just wait for him to trip. Bitches always be tripping over nothing" He advised Asmus. No he wasn't going to follow, if Asmus decided to go up, he would wait here.

[10:40] Asmus 乙єяσ was moving towards Colt and he did lean down just that little bit to scoop the cloths away. He did notice it didnt feel heavy anywhere but his focus never left...The now trying to Pee Colt " seriously" he grunted as he leaned back up. That was a pure reflex of course, most people would try and get away if someone tried to pee on them right? Unless they were into golden showers and shit but this guy sure wasnt. He was about to move closer to Colt, hand on his gun again as the table came flying. It hit him right on the shoulder and seemed to change direction as the impact happened. A growl came from him as the paper and folder thingies and what not rained down around him " Colt, you fucking asshat STOP!" Gael had the downstairs but this guy was going up and as he ran after the guy he did pull his gun and flicked the safety off " You really think you have a way out up here!?!" he even shouted after Colt as he jumped up two steps at the time, more or less right in the guys tale. Colt had no weapons and he didnt think they had guns laying around upstairs but other things could be used as weapons too so he had to move quick

[10:42] Genesis Moreno wasn't about to jump in the middle of whatever Jerry Springer/Cops lovechild was being birthed in the middle of the shop and she damn sure wasn't going to say anything else, opting instead to lean onto the counter resting against her forearms with a less than pleased sigh that had enough force behind it to put fear into the three little pigs themselves.

That droll stare turned to that first lovely business thwarter, rolling her eyes at the comment he made though kept her mouth shut. It likely wasn't the time for smartass remarks. As far as she was concerned, she saw nothing and it was just about not-her-problem O'clock. Until the table flew and she pulled a disappearing act behind the desk, ripping her phone from her pocket.

[10:43] Colt 'Coyote' Carson wasn't dumb. He did dumb shit, but he wasn't dumb. There was no escape and nothing that was going to get him out of this fix without some serious risk to his boys. He sighs as his hard-on begins to ebb, settling back down into it's usual flacid state before he looks to the cop with a sigh. "I'll come down peacefully if I can put my shorts on for the walk back to the station."

[10:47] Gael 乙єяσ moved a little further into the shop, wrinkling up his nose,"Might want to clean that up" he pointed out the small puddle that Colt created with his piss. But as it were, the female was ducking behind the counter and he sighed,"Ma'am, stay in plain sight" He grumbled, moving uo to the counter and placed his hand on the hilt of his tazer, yea for all he knew she was cowboy Colts helper and now calling for back up or something, or breaking out a bat of her own because she wouldn't get paid, what did he know?! People did weirder shit in this town.
[10:48] Asmus 乙єяσ almost jumped up those stairs with the gun pointing downwards...No accidents were going to happen here. When he got up he saw Colt standing there and the guy looked less and less happy " Not unless you are cuffed you wont" Yes he did know that meant he would need to help Colt with the pants but he had done that before while wearing this uniform and he rather have that than colt and that naked ass running out the door " Hands on your back. I'll cuff you, then we move down and you get your pants. Thats a promise"no Colt had no reason to trust him but he said it anyway...It really all came down to how pissed off this guy would get huh

[10:52] Colt 'Coyote' Carson shrugs. Promise or Lie, what else was there to do? He'd survived enough trips to know that besides a few broken bones and maybe a stretched asshole, he'd live to fight another day. "I want my lawyer" he states calmly, turning his back to the cop and facing the wall. His hands go behind his head with fingers interlaced out of habit, waiting for either the baton or cuffs and hoping for the latter. "I'm not saying a fucking thing until my lawyer shows up."

[10:53] Genesis Moreno had zero intention of touching any bodily fluids let alone from some guy that had just sort of stripped in the shop. That was not part of this job description. Or maybe it was not that she was going to do it anyway leaving the comment from the cop brushed off completely. Not a chance.

Her thumbs furiously slid across the screen as she pressed against the back of the counter not that she knew anyone yet to call for help. And how did you call for help about this anyway? *help some guy pissed on the floor and is playing ring-around-the-rosie with a cop*? It sounded just as stupid in her head. It was the second cop's words though that tilted her head back to look up at him, a deep frown tugging at her lips. "The fuck? That dude pissin' and throwin' shit! Hell nah, I'm stayin' my ass right the fuck here!" No one needed a stray piece of furniture to the skull.

[10:56] Gael 乙єяσ pulled the tazer out as she seem to refuse,"I asked you politely, now step away from the counter and just put your hands were i can see them, without any items holding it" he instructed her. He wasn't sure what all promised Asmus was making the naked Colt, but pants? Cmon, it was some shits holliday right now, who would notice one more man naked walking the street! He did however pull that tazer for Genesis to see without aiming directly toward her. Yea, this is what the criminals in Hathian did to cops, they suspected EVERY ONE, including those that just didn't want to deal with piss on the floor.

[10:57] Asmus 乙єяσ waited for Colt to do as told and as the guy did he walked closer and secured the gun in the holster again " you will get your phone call dont worry and i dont need you to say anything i just need you to make this easy for yourself" and this guy but he didnt say that out loud. He pulled the cuffs out and yes he did try and grab Colts right wrist, bend it down, cuff it and that was a success he would do the same with the left wrist " lets go down so you can get some pants on" look he was being nice here!
[11:01] Colt 'Coyote' Carson complies. There just wasn't any money in doing it the other way. Coming down the stairs, he gives Gen a goofy grin and says, "Guess you'll just have to dream about me until you can get your hands on this hunk of meat, huh?" He blows her a quiet kiss and in a mood to be obtuse, he looks to Asmus, "I think those things got skid marks in 'em anyway... I'll take my chances swinging in the breeze until you can hook me up with some orange."

[11:03] Genesis Moreno 's head shook side to side a moment as she clutched her phone, knees pulled to her chest until that taser came into view. She was will to put money on the fact that thing hurt worse than a table. Brows knitting tightly, she dropped her phone to the floor and with a snapped movement, her hands raised.

Taking a bit too long, she finally managed to get to her feet though she backed up a few overzealous steps from the taser. She didn't know how far it could reach and she didn't want to find out. "If I get hit with a couch, I'mma slap the hell outta' you." she muttered. The day had gone from bad to better to shit completely. An emotional rollercoaster.

The foot stops grabbed her attention and with a side glance, she kept her eyes far above waist line. But the comment earned the half nude man a stern scowl. "You about to pay my whole mortgage for that ladder. I swear to God..."

[11:07] Gael 乙єяσ nodded,"Yea yea, you can try" He said to her about the slapping, fuck he heard it so many times! But Asmus and Colt came down, Genesis standing up with her hands in view, good, seems this was nice and easy. Not clean though. Nope, still piss on the floor. He moved to the side, stepping his boot on the pants and rubbed it over the wet spot, see he could be decent, he hated dirtiness. Using Colts pants and boxers, skid marks or not, it now had some piss marks too, only a few drops really, but hey, cleaned up was cleaned up,"Alright then" he said. Tazer back into the holster, he would take his baton and fished up the pants and boxers from the floor, turning back to Genesis,"Happen to have a bag i can throw this in?"

[11:09] Adeline 乙єяσ had decided that for today, maybe for a few hours she'd put some work in and see who would drop by for an inking. But little did she know her place of work was in a slight uproar. Moving inside, she stopped just short of a very tall man in front of the counter. Now this man wasn't just any man and the sight of him had her dark brows lifting in question. "Officer Zero. What's going on?" A slight tip of her body had her catching the woman beyond the counter looking highly annoyed. Followed by, "Officer Zero." towards Asmus, which ended in. "What the fuck is that funky looking thing?" Insert scrunched up face and a finger point towards Colt.

[11:12] Asmus 乙єяσ came down with Colt and made sure he didnt end up stepping in any drips of pee. He just cleaned his boots for pig shit...HAHA yes thats funny...not. He didnt care about what Colt said to the girl but as the guy said he would walk naked then so be it. He wasnt really interested in seeing Colts cock swing more than he already did but hey he didnt have to help Colt get pants on. Everything seemed under control so he tried to lead Colt to the door as Gael was having the piss cloths hanging to dry...ish " Are you sure you want a suit when we arrive? You seem content naked" he did ask Colt tho, messing of course. He would hopefully have a hand down between Colts wrist, holding the guy like that but he also pulled out his baton, just in case the guy should try anything. Ade came in and a slight nod was given " something i sure as fuck dont want to touch, now please move so we can get going" she did stand in the doorway after all and he didnt want to stand with Colt longer than he had to

[11:14] Colt 'Coyote' Carson calls out "HEY, FUCKER! THAT WAS MY COURT SUIT!" He lets free a heavy sigh, knowing that the nearest dry cleaner was three towns away. Adeline spares him from dipping into a deeper depression, however, and he grins at her. "That's your dinner, baby... meet me in cell 2 after booking." His hips give a little twist from side to side, his limber cock slapping his thighs as he does. Any chef knew that presentation was everything. He moves along with Asmus in control of his balance, taking his sweet assed time and enjoying the Louisiana weather. Free advertising never hurt anyone anyway.

[11:16] Genesis Moreno wondered for a moment if maybe today would be the day they found out that steam actually /can/ come out of your ears and it wasn't just a fun cartoon gimmick. If ever there was a time for it to happen, it would be right then.

Shrugging off the cop's response, her features contorted deepening the complete soured scowl, setting a few plans for just how she could quickest leave the shop because no shift was worth having to clean up after some naked stranger. That thought ended in the sight of the officer going about 'cleaning' up the puddle no matter how small. But the question narrowed her eyes. "Nah I ain't got no bag! Take it with you! I swear to God if y'all don't get him the hell up out of this got'damn shop..." Her eyes closed a moment, words trailing off. Deep breath. Wusah.

But the third voice broke up her mini meditation and the dark eyes opened to settle on the white haired woman silently. Nothing seemed like a better plan than leaving at the moment.

[11:19] Gael 乙єяσ turned his head as he spotted his wife,"Mrs Zero" he gave a greeting nod toward her, yea all the goddamn Zeros here. But as Colt spoke toward Adeline, he gave a grunting sound, swiftly turning with baton, dirty pants and all over to Colt and aimed to -whack- the baton harshly down upon the guys shoulder, delivering him the stained pants and all with hopefully some rough sting along with it! "And thats my wife, you dry shit spitting cockroach" Pulling the baton back, yea, no one was to speak to his wife like that! "You swear fucking what?!" He growled back at Genesis, oh yea that humorous mood sudden had turned into annoyance and growly grumping Gael.

[11:21] Ren Ren: Work was boring as usual in the little parlor he worked in. What a drag. On his way in he notices a little bit of a commotion coming from the tattoo shop next door, cops even. Yelling caught his attention away from having a good work ethic, not like they were slammed with business anyway. "What the hell is going on over there?" He walks outside and decides to be a bit nosy, af something was worth seeing

[11:24] Adeline 乙єяσ gently but hastily moved off to the side for the men and dick wobbler to get through, making her way closer to the counter. On one note she felt bad for the woman, or co-worker. Who in the hell came into work thinking they would have to deal with /this/? Add the copterdick show put on and like most women feeling slightly offended or at least annoyed, she thought about how satisfying chopping his dick up on the fryer. Eh... She never had dick before. At least not like that. "Mi amor, it-" But there went the baton and honestly, she didn't bat an eye. The man in the back, his sudden outside intrusion garnered a sideways glance. Yeah, she wasn't about to add to this fire. Officers, you can explain that one.

[11:27] Asmus 乙єяσ didnt move as Gael tried to nicely to make Colt carry his cloths, but he did try and keep a hold on the guy tho. No runners here thank you very much! No matter how Colt handled what Gael did then he would try and get the guy outside, willingly or not so willingly and if he got lucky the cloths would hang on Colt as they walked back to the station...and if Colt wanted to walk slow well then they walked slow, this guy didnt really give a shit

[11:27] Colt 'Coyote' Carson feels the shoulder go in an instant, dropping to his knees and biting back a "JESUS!" His knees go all wobbly and he almost doesn't hear what Gael said about his 'wife'. Almost. Through tears of pain, he looks at her again, thoroughly imprinting her face in his mind. With Brandie out of his life, Colt no longer had such a lever to be used against himself and now all bets were off. Not another word would be spoken by the militia commander. There were plans to be made. He follows along peacefully

[11:29] Genesis Moreno could feel the germs crawling up her leg even if that was completely and utterly idiotic. The whole shop needed to be bleached as far as she was concerned and yet she still wouldn't be the one to be it willingly. No.

The day was just thrown to shit from a nice relaxing fun time to nude men throwing meat around like it was the state fair. That growled voice pulled her back from whatever daydream she might have been having of leaving for the day though. "I'll set this whole damn block on fire just to clean up your mess! He ain't pissin' in this shop again or whatever the hell else he about to do and we ain't makin' money with y'all here so get out!" And like the adult she was, her leg lifted to stomp onto the ground with as much force as her thighs.

[11:36] Asmus 乙єяσ walked back to the station, it took a bit of time but he was in no rush. He did indeed walk right past the girl he met yesterday. They arrived tho, perhaps Colt tried to hup a Ritter leg, if so he didnt notice! But they arrived and he would put Colt into the holding cell " you know the drill, give me your hands" and he was shouting at Porkins a second later about bringing a suit and a few evidence bags

[11:49] Colt 'Coyote' Carson passes his hands back through the bars as much as he can with the throbbing pain in his shoulder. Still refusing to say anything, he at least grunts some kind of appreciation to the oversized NPC. While they weren't exactly friends, Colt had managed to remain on Porkin's good side with the occasional bribe.

[11:54] Asmus 乙єяσ removed the cuffs and let them hang from the belt. Colt had already said he wouldnt say anything but it wasnt needed. Porkins came with the suit and this guy grabbed it and tossed it into the cell " Now cover that junk up, you dont look as impressive as you think" he paused but no he wasnt done talking " and think of your woman, what would she said if she knew you behave like that? Seriously man" he even gave a little shake on the head to that one. He never really dealt with Colt or spoke to him so what did he know about the guy or the relationship with Brandie

[12:13] Colt 'Coyote' Carson takes up the coverall and with a couple of choice words and grunts manages to get himself dressed with a minimum of tears. "Probably the same thing your husband would say." No point in giving them anything to use up in ISO. Brandie was long on her way back to her mother's in San Diego for all he knew. "I need a doc for this collar bone....." he says, arm mostly limp at his side, doing his best to keep it stationary. "And my fucking lawyer." He falls back onto the bench wearily, not really caring what else happens to him at this point. All he wanted was some metal in his cock. Now he wondered if he shouldn't have just stayed home and played with the nail gun.

[12:20] Asmus 乙єяσ gave a fake *ha* as Colt said that but that was the only respond he gave to that statement. He knew what was wrong with the shoulder tho since it was mostly hanging. He stepped closer to the bars " Colt listen up. You dont need a doctor for that shoulder. I can pop it right back into the socket. I had it done myself several times" yeah give a good kick to his left shoulder and...POP. He didnt think the guy would take the offer tho but it was given

[12:25] Colt 'Coyote' Carson had no reason to trust the cop, gaging how long he could take the pain versus how long the sentence might be. "Yeah.... I'll take a pass on that, buddy." Despite his complete lack of respect for civil authority and the government in general, on a one on one basis, he could at least respect cops as people that had some kind of sense of duty. More like respect for a battlefield enemy. "I still want my lawyer" he adds, but more as a way to continue to pass along orders to the troops than any sort of legal defense. "What am I being charged with?" he asks, too sore and tired for outright defiance.

[12:31] Asmus 乙єяσ had given the offer and as he assumed then Colt didnt want the help. That had him pull out the cuffs again " you get it when you get down and lets see...hhmm...You attacked two cops and i'm sure you of all people know we take that very seriously and with the record you have thats longer than my leg then you know what the charges are on those two incidents i'm sure...Not like its new charges for you" he gestured for the guy to come over so the cuffs could come back on and if the guy did that, then they would do just that, even if he had to help with the hanging arm
[12:36] Colt 'Coyote' Carson backs his ass up against the bars, pretty certain Asmus had no interest in his asshole. "Aw. C'mon... attacked two cops? I thought we were just clowning around. Don't you guys like a little slap and tickle every now and then?" He had deliberately aimed for the vest, though, when a headshot would have been the easiest thing in the world. He figures at this point, it was the only thing keeping him out of ISO having batons shoved up his ass. He waits for the racheting sound of the cuffs and his next instructions.

[12:39] Asmus 乙єяσ got the guy cuffed and opened the cell door " sure we do but not when guns are pulled or you use the taxi to run people over with" or something, he forgot, he didnt care. He gestured for the guy to come out and if Colt did that he would walk the guy downstairs and he would end up by the phone and not the cell. Then he would remove the cuffs again and out them into his belt. He saw them as a formality so off they came and yes he did step back so the guy could do the call. He kept his eyes on the guy tho, no funny business here or he would act on it. The guy had complied so he was being nice, or so he thought so himself

[12:46] Colt 'Coyote' Carson props the phone against his shoulder and uses the functioning arm to push 0 and do the collect call thing. Dispatch answers and he speaks, "Poppy... time to send Chuck down to the cop shop and tell him to bring bail.... " A long pause and he grunts and nods, finally saying, "Yeah... yeah... I get you. Don't worry about your check. She didn't leave me completely broke... and there's the new shop in town." Another pause and he chuckles, "Of course. Thanks for taking the call and I'll see you in a few days." He hangs up the cradle and gives the cop a nod, "Thank you." No smart ass needed anymore, there was no audience to play for. Now it was just time and self preservation. He waits for further instructions.

[12:50] Asmus 乙єяσ just stood there and waited and listened to the guy but that brow of his did go up as Colt spoke about leaving him broke, or lack there off...That was odd. he didnt say anything tho he just waited and when the guy was done with the call he gestured for Colt to move to the last cell. He wouldnt walk in front of Colt, he knew better, but if Colt walked he did follow and he would open the cell door so the guy could walk inside " You sure about the shoulder? Leaving it like that for days means it might never heal properly" no he didnt care BUT Colt had done as told so he was nice. It was a good day today, not everybody saw him nice just because they complied

[12:53] Colt 'Coyote' Carson looks at Asmus for a long moment of silence after the door slams shut. Anyone could see the gears turning in his head. With noone around to prove anything to, he steps up to the bars and lets his limp arm dangle within reach of the officer outside. Then, with a single nod, he closes is eyes and waits for the pain.

[13:01] Asmus 乙єяσ looked right back and just waited since it was obvious the guy was thinking about it and as Colt stepped to the bars he did too " now dont say i never did anything for you. I should let you rot for what you did" his voice was calm and rather damn normal as he spoke and as he said that he did reach in and grabbed the guys arm " No cursing" and a little halfassed joke. Liz had fixed his two times and it wasnt about being super strong, it was about knowing how to work the joins the right angle. He grabbed the guy by the hand and elbow, pressed the elbow against the guys side, then pulled out the hand, then the elbow until he felt some resistance and then he popped it right back up. It was slow, nice and clean but of course it would hurt...but tecnic did it, not strength. Then he stepped back and yes he would leave after a word or two, at leasdt he said " No sling so hold it when you walk around, dont let it hang"

[13:04] Colt 'Coyote' Carson couldn't hold back the "FUCK!!!" that wells up from inside, only half hearing the advice once the arm is released. He slides back against the wall, cradling his arm, then down to the floor to let the world stop spinning. His eyes close for a long time and he says no more for now. 'Thank you' would come eventually, but for now, darkness.

March 17, 2019 at 1:32 pm
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