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Sophia was raised within the criminal underground of the Italian Mafia all of her childhood. She had rebelled against her father's expectations, proving herself to be a capable and hardworking criminal in her own right, Sophia had rose up to the position of unofficial consigliere under the strong hand of her father, Alphonso Ferarri who was head of the Ferarri family, a small-time criminal organization that were vassals to the Genovese family, one of the five major gang families in New York until they broke off following a disagreement and the subsequent death of one of her father's strongest supporters. Sophia could not be named official consigliere because she was a woman but her father trusted her with the role and was given special tasks within the family that only she could be trusted with.

Sophia's love of fire developed from an early age, often setting them in homes or buildings owned by her father's enemies. She became enamored with the element, many of her father's made-men calling her The Little Flame because of her explosive temper and ferocity against those that upset her or her father. Sophia's current criminal record lists off many arsons she was charged with but it was suspected she had committed many more.

Having a strained relationship with her abusive mother, Maria all her life because she was not the son her mother had longed for, Sophia was subjected to regular assaults and harassment. This lead to bitterness between them all throughout Sophia's upbringing. Maria and Alphonso despised one another and rarely spoke unless it was to fight with one another over Maria's extravagant spending or Alphonso's weakness. Maria and Antonio were also having an affair that she openly flaunted in front of Alphonso. Despite their unhappy marriage, Alphonso refused to divorce his wife, citing his strong Catholic upbringing and attempted to keep the crumbling of their marriage a closely guarded family secret. Sophia's only real comfort was her best friend Natasha who lived with the family.

During her rebellion, Sophia had given birth to a daughter she named after her best friend but because she was still just a kid herself, Sophia could not take care of her and Alphonso and the nanny took charge of the baby's care.

Sophia had been kidnapped at fourteen and held for many months by her father's Irish Mob enemies, regularly beaten, starved and raped in an attempt to brain wash and hold her as a bargaining tool for broader territory and joining the Collective, a group of elites run by Father Boris Chavenko of the Catholic Church. Sophia's mother, her father's official consigliere, Antonio Antonetti and Chavenko were all in on the plot. The head of the O'Leary clan, Thomas planned to marry Sophia having just turned fifteen to his eldest son, Michael who was thirty-five and next in line to take over once he chose to retire.

On the night before the wedding was due to take place, Michael and two of his friends, drunk from the bachelor party savagely beat and raped Sophia until she was too weak to stand. With the adrenaline running through her veins, Sophia experienced a form of psychosis. She put on her wedding dress and with nothing left to lose, Sophia crept through the warehouse, killing all that she found. With Michael being the last, he shot her in his drunk panic but it only grazed her arm. She tortured him and slit his throat, watching as he bled at her feet. Once all were dead, Sophia set the warehouse on fire, left the warehouse and walked back to her father's home where they were reunited after nine months.

Firefighters had put out the fire in the warehouse and discovered eight bodies, all with slashed throats and one with their penis removed. An investigation into what happened began right away.


With the plot failing, Maria and Antonio would start to panic, knowing Chavenko would be furious. The priest demanded Sophia's death as the police had become involved after several people contacted them regarding Sophia walking in a blood soaked dress away from the area of the warehouse the night she returned home. Since returning home, Sophia had barely eaten and spoke very little, clearly traumatized by what she had gone through.

As the investigation in full swing, DNA samples were collected and matched to Sophia after the police obtained a warrant to collect a saliva sample. She was interrogated at length until she confessed to the killings and detailed the daily trauma she had experienced while held captive. Alphonso and Sophia's Nanny, Nona corroborated that Sophia had gone missing nine months prior. A rape kit was conducted and concluded Sophia was telling the truth. She was not charged with murder, citing emotional duress and self-defense, after an extensive psychological examination and lie detector test was conducted.

Chavenko eventually agreed to spare Sophia as she didn't know he, her mother and Antonio were responsible for what had occurred. Overtime, Sophia would resume life as she used to, continuing where she left off. Her ordeal had left her more calculating and cold. She would go on to be arrested and charged with many arsons and assaults going into her adulthood, and through bribes and sheer luck the charges would be dropped or she was let off easy.

Once Sophia graduated from high-school, she had a desire to further her education. Alphonso still had hoped she would marry and birth an heir to the family, but she refused, citing she would never marry or have children after what she had gone through. Disappointed and angered by this, Alphonso cut off all financial support. Sophia was forced to make it on her own. She got into college and worked two jobs to support herself and to pay for her education but would do odd jobs for her father if he had work needed doing and she was paid to do them. She also attempted to have more of a relationship with her daughter but the child wanted nothing to do with her.

While Sophia struggled in college, her best friend Natasha, then married to Carlo Dimarco, killed him by running him over with her car. Alphonso was furious at the loss of a made-man and wanted Natasha to die but Sophia convinced him to spare her life because Carlo was abusive and cruel. Natasha had fled New York and ran to Michigan where she lived for several years until she came back and told Sophia if she ended up dead, Antonio would be the one responsible. After several days, Natasha's body was found in her hotel room, her death staged look like a suicide. Devastated at the loss of her best friend, Sophia was beginning to feel more alone than ever and vowed revenge against Antonio.

Chevenko would eventually come to the conclusion that the Collective needed more numbers. With the O'Leary's no longer on the table and in desperation, he instructed Maria to bring Alphonso into the fold. Maria attempted to lure Alphonso in by getting him drunk but he had not drank as much as she did. She confessed to him she was involved in their daughter's kidnapping those years ago. In a rage, Alphonso beat Maria and demanded a divorce, threatening to kill her if she did not grant him one, no longer able to stay married to someone who would throw their daughter to the wolves.

Desperately, Maria begged her husband for another chance. The weak-willed Alphonso, stressed from the police investigation against him relented and allowed Maria to stay, but he demanded she move her belongings to the guest house where she would reside until one of them died. This caused great humiliation for them both but given Alphonso's current predicament, he hid himself away to avoid the jeers from his peers.

Knowing her father was likely going to prison after his up coming trial, Sophia would hunt down the cop responsible. Disguising herself as a prostitute, Sophia seduced the cop and when he drove to quiet spot near an overpass, Sophia slit his throat, stole his money and all of the paperwork for the criminal case against her father. She burned it along with the disguise but to Sophia's shock someone had witnessed what she had done. Alphonso instructed Sophia to leave New York on the first available flight. She went to California, leaving her father behind.

As she stayed in California, waiting until it was safe to go back, Alphonso was poisoned by Maria and Antonio and cremated before any autopsy could be requested. Upon receiving the news from Nona, Sophia flew back to New York and found her mother drunk in the family home. She bragged to Sophia about killing Alphonso, berating Sophia and laughing at her daughter's pain. In a rage, Sophia shot her mother until the clip was empty, silencing her mother forever. Pretending to be Maria, she texted Antonio to come to the house. Upon Antonio arriving, Sophia opened the front door and shot Antonio point blank in the head. She dumped his body in the local dump and left Maria to rot where she fell. Because no one knew Sophia was in New York, she got away with the murders.

Sophia would return to California where she began her music career and vowed to bury her past behind her. As Sophia got older, she built her music career and grew a following on Youtube. Eventually her daughter, who had taken using her middle name, Romani came to California where the two attempted to establish a mother/daughter relationship but things were strained from the beginning. Romani who was lively, rebellious and cunning did not match her mother's demure and quiet deameanor. The two clashed regularly until Romani chose to move out and the two have been estranged ever since.

While living in California, Romani's father, Athen who Sophia had not seen since the night they concieved her showed up out of the blue. They agreed to start dating and eventually got married but things were difficult following the wedding. Athen was not an attentive husband or father and only got married to Sophia for the sex and nothing else. This caused many arguments and in an attempt to salvage their marriage, they moved to Chicago, hoping for a fresh start. However, Athen left Sophia shortly after the move. She filed for divorce and left Chicago to move to Virginia where she took ownership of an occult store and converted to Wicca as her religion. Romani would soon follow but things remained strained between the mother and daughter.

Athen would eventually come back, telling Sophia he never signed the divorce papers. The pair agreed to try again, renewing their wedding vows, however Athen still only wanted sex and he would drink all night and sleep all day. An argument ensued and Athen walked out on Sophia once again. Sophia swore to him he would never be allowed back and she filed for an anullment to which Athen agreed and signed. He attempted to force himself on Sophia in a drunken stupor and in a rage, Sophia stabbed him in the chest killing him. She buried his body behind the house, packed up her and Romani and fled Virginia without a word to anyone.

She moved to Hathian where she moved into a small apartment and Romani went to New York to pursue her own education. Sophia met Mikhail Roman and the two quickly formed a relationship. After just a few months of dating, Sophia became pregnant with her second child. She gave birth to a son who she named Alexei to honor Mikhail's Russian heritage. After a few years of dating, Sophia and Mikhail split up ammicably and remained close friends. Sophia had signed with Rize Productions and became one of its many talents. She moved to California once again to further her career and met Tre O'Sullivan and the pair had a tulmultcuous relationship, often fighting and making up soon after.

Eventually things in California began to sour and Sophia and Tre went their own way and Sophia came back to Hathian with a sense of rewewal. Tre had moved there as well and the pair attempted to try again but found they no longer wanted the same things. They split up for the final time and Sophia decided to move on with her life. She became close friends with Cherry Garcia and Jimmy Goldstein, forming a close bond with the two of them. Sophia is now running The Slab butcher shop and has many plans to turn a profit.




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