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Devyn had started noticing strange things as soon as he arrived back in the city.

While waiting for a checkup at the hospital he watched as the elevator doors opened and shut by themselves, and the lights of the HGH flickered wildly as he sat silently in the lobby. Devyn assumed them to be power problems, but he got an uneasy feeling from it anyway.

Devyn's grandfather had helped him to find a cheap house to rent in Vodou, and he spent a couple of days hauling out the former tenant's trash and fixing up the neglected property. Once again he noticed unsettling things like bumping noises in the walls of the house and cold spots as he passed through the tiny living room. Even a picture of his grandmother, a woman who went missing in Hathian back in the 1970s, fell off the wall a few minutes after he had nailed it up. Once again Devyn tried to chalk it up to some mundane causes, the house was a real shit hole after all, but a growing unease began to fill him.

The worst occurrences came when Devyn finally nabbed a legitimate job working as a clerk at Clam Convenience. His first shift was overnight in the small shop and the man had spent most of the time alone and listening to music or watching road rage compilations on his phone. It wasn't until about halfway through the night that weird things began to occur. It started when some bags of chips fell off the shelf while no one was in the store. Devyn grumbled and went to place the items back on the shelf, only to hear the timesheet clipboard clatter to the ground from behind the counter. Devyn would later go to the back room to do some sweeping, and he heard the front door open as if a customer was entering the store, but when he went to tend to the customer there was nobody there. For most of the shift he sat on the stool as shadows weaved through the darkened city street outside, and Devyn could have sworn he saw people running in the corner of his eye, but there were no figures to be seen when he actually peered out the window to the empty sidewalk.

Sure, all of these things could be attributed to some mundane malfunctions of electronics, and Devyn's overactive imagination could be playing tricks on him while he pounds down energy drinks to stay alert. But a growing sense of dread is starting to take hold in the religious man's mind and he is beginning to suspect there's some paranormal activity at work in the area

He hasn't spoken a word to anyone about this just yet, and they would probably tell him that he's just paranoid and needs to cut out the stimulants he consumes. Yet now he is planning on doing the unthinkable and making a visit to the local tarot card reader to get their opinion on the subject, something his deeply religious family would scold him for if they ever heard he was dabbling in the occult.

Will Devyn find any answers on his journey, or is he just becoming one of those paranoid individuals that spiritual scam artists like to prey on the most? Time can only tell, but one thing is for certain- Devyn actually thinks the city is really fucking haunted.

July 8, 2020 at 3:48 pm
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July 8, 2020 at 9:18 pm
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